Can You Put 20-Inch Rims on a Nissan Altima?

Sometimes drivers are faced with the dilemma of whether or not to plus-size their tire sizes. Reports prove that plus-sizing tires lead to an improvement in performance as they give a solid ride. So, is it possible to fit 20-inches on a Nissan Altima? 

It is possible to fit 20-inch rims on a Nissan Altima. However, there are some limitations. For instance, you may have to roll your fender or cut them altogether. Also, the limitations will depend on how wide the tires and rims will be and whether they will clear the struts and suspension parts when turning and driving. 

This article goes through the right rim sizes for the Nissan Altima as well as the advantages of fitting the 20-inch rims. 

Can You Put 20-Inch Rims on Nissan Altima? 

can you put 20-inch rims on a nissan altima

Yes, it is possible to fit 20-inch rims on a Nissan Altima. The 2016 model run on 20×8.5 wheels with D2 Racing Coilovers suspension.

There have been no reported modifications, and there is no rubbing or scrubbing with the 20-inch rims. Moreover, it does not require front or rear wheel spacers and the stance is tucked. 

However, fitting 20-inch rims on your Nissan Altima has some limitations. These depend on the width of the rims and tires, and whether the tires will clear the suspension parts and struts when driving. 

Is There an Advantage of 20-Inch Wheels?

Anytime car owners are out in the market for tires, the common thought is always the bigger, the better. For instance, comparing 18 inches against 20 inches. However, choosing a tire involves much more than just going for a larger tire. 

Still, up-sizing your car wheels is not a bad idea. The 20-inch rims come with some advantages. For one, they are visually appealing. The 20-inch rims boast of having less sidewall which means they show more of the wheel. Drivers find this to be aesthetically appealing and give their vehicle a more aggressive look. 

Moreover, 20-inch rims tend to provide more control. These wheels have a smaller sidewall and hence they retain more rigidity on the road. This additional control helps drivers handle better when cornering. 

What Size Rims Will Fit on a Nissan Altima?

Nissan Altima is designed to fit different size rims. It typically comes in a range of diameters including 16”, 17”, 18”, and 19” rims. These will depend on the year and trim level of your Altima. It has a bolt pattern of 5 x 114.3 (5 x 4.5).

This pattern is compatible with 215/60 R16, 215/55 R17, 225/45 R18, 235/40 R19, and 245/30 R30 tire sizes. 19 inches is the recommended tire size for Nissan Altima. While 20 inches is possible, you may have to roll your fender or cut them. 

When it comes to tire sizes, the Nissan Altima offers three options. You can choose between the standard P215/60HR16, the optional P215/55VR17, or the available P235/40VR19. 

Is It Better to Have 19- Or 20-Inch Rims?

For a Nissan Altima, 19-inch rims are better. They are often easier on the engine since they weigh less. This means that the engine does not have to work as hard when accelerating. In the long run, this also decreases wear on the suspension and brake systems.

These tires also provide a more comfortable ride compared to 20-inches. They have a larger sidewall which makes them more flexible. Therefore, the tires can act as shock absorbers when going through potholes or bumps. 

Some of the drawbacks of the 20-inch rims are that they may decrease the acceleration. The bigger size means a bigger diameter and weight. Hence, these wheels force your engine to work harder when accelerating.

However, this difference is not that significant. Also, 20-inch wheels provide less comfort. The decreased sidewall increases discomfort, especially when going over potholes, gravel roads, speed bumps, and other road hazards. Therefore, they are not the best choice for off-roading purposes. These tires are also on the expensive side and are generally less common. 

What Is the Difference Between Tires and Wheels?

In a real sense, as is often the case, many people use tires and wheels interchangeably. However, for a better understanding, these automotive terms have a slight difference. The tire is used to refer to the rubber that comes into contact with the road.

The wheels, on the other hand, are used to refer to the steel or aluminum allow rim that sits on the tire. The wheel is that which is connected to the hub and axle. 


Fortunately, measuring the width of a rim is as straightforward as you can imagine. You will need a ruler, tape measure, or yardstick. With any of these, you are required to measure the distance from the bead seat to the bead seat. Also, the rim width is usually included in the wheel size. This size is often stamped on the back of the wheel or in the owner’s manual. 

Plus-one means increasing the wheel’s diameter as well as the width of the tire an inch larger than the original equipment wheel.

You can also customize your rims if you wish to. You can have them painted your color of choice. The total cost of customizing and re-coloring your tires will depend on all the changes made.

Final Thoughts

Although possible,20-inch rims are not recommended for Nissan Altima unless the roads you are driving on are smooth. Otherwise, these wheels tend to cause discomfort, especially when going over potholes, gravel roads, and any off-roading trip. 19-inch wheels are your best bet for your Nissan Altima. 

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