Will 35” Tires Fit a Ford F-150 With a Leveling Kit?

Many drivers like the idea of big tire upgrades. Both manufacturers and aftermarket companies are upping their game in the production of more powerful engines and bigger lifts respectively. 

If you are thinking of fitting 35-inch tires on your Ford F150, it is important that you find the right offset on your truck wheel. This is made possible by a leveling kit. With the right kit, it is possible to fit 35-inch tires on an F-150. To achieve the perfect width and weight, you will a 4-inch leveling kit. However, this is likely to compromise on looks and performance. 

This article digs deep into the topic to help you understand more about leveling kits and how you can fit 35-inch tires on your Ford F-150. 

Will 35” Tires Fit a Ford F150 With a Leveling Kit?

will 35” tires fit a Ford F-150 with a leveling kit

A leveling kit is a simple tool that is employed by many drivers to lift the front side of the truck to achieve an off-road feel while driving. For you to use the leveling kit, you will require matching tire sizes for your truck for the best performance.

However, that is where the trick is. Before you fit 35” tires on your F150 with a leveling kit, it is important to find out whether it fits. 

Yes, it is possible to fit 35-inch tires using the right leveling kit to achieve a balanced lift. In particular, for a 35-inch tire, you will need a 2.5” leveling kit. This is an affordable option and offers a great feeling both on and off-road. You can also use the 3” and 4” options on the 35-inch tires as they will not take space on the 10” wide wheel. 

Can You Run 35s on Ford F-150?

A Ford F-150 that is fitted with 35s tires has a great look. It is even easier now for the 2021-2022 F150 models since they come with redesigned wheel wells that offer more clearance. However, you need to take some precautions.

Usually, wheels that have low backspacing and negative offsets tend to cause some issues. For instance, the low backspacing causes the wheels to push the tire out to where the wheel well starts carving back in. If you are really looking to install 35-inch tires on your Ford F150, your best bet will be the 4-inch leveling kit.  

Can You Fit 35s on a 2-Inch Level F-150?

The low-sized options of leveling kits will not work well, at least not for the Ford F-150. They are possible on a solid front axle suspension setup such as in a Jeep Wrangler. In the F150, may offer bad performance and are not likely to suit the 35 inches.

For instance, a 2-inch level will not be able to support the 35-inch tires since it has less space and the rims will rub against each other causing corrosion. 

How Big of a Lift Do You Need for 35-Inch Tires?

You need not worry- to fit 35-inch tires does not require crazy modifications in height. You will need an aftermarket suspension lift kit with a minimum lift kit of 2.5 inches (for off-road, 3 inches is recommended).

However, for the best performance, your Ford F150 will be better off with a 4-inch lift kit. Besides the leveling kit, you will also require negative offset rims and perform other modifications. 

Is 35” s too Expensive for F-150?

The 35-inch tires come with several advantages. For one, they offer better looks and great load capacity. Moreover, you get to enjoy improved ground clearance and grip. They are designed to offer better surface contact and their sidewalls are thicker for good durability and an anti-puncture effect. However, you pay a relatively hefty price to enjoy these benefits.

It is important to mention that fitting the 35’s tires on your F150 will become expensive very quickly. Looking on the bright side, the aesthetics make it worth the cost.

The minimum requirement for these tires is a 4-inch lift kit as well as an aftermarket wheel with a negative offset for an improved UCA clearance. This option alone is very expensive. The 2.5” and 3” kits are more affordable and come with wheel spacers. 

Will 33-Inch Tires Fit F-150?

33-inch tires can perfectly fit a Ford F150. They are the largest recommended tires that you can stock on your F150. You do not even have to remove the crash bars and you do not have to worry about severe rubbing. 


Usually, 35-inch tires add about 1.5 inches of height inside the space between the rims and the truck. Whether you use a leveling kit or not will not make a significant difference. 

It is recommended for all four tires on a Ford F150 truck to be set to a pressure of 35 psi. This offers the best balance of traction, comfort, load-bearing capabilities, and fuel economy. 

The Ford F150 was designed to accommodate tires as large as 34 inches. The recommended tire sizes are between 33 and 34 inches where you will not have to remove the crash bars. 


35-inch tires can be used to offer nice lifting. The concept of the leveling kit is to lift the vehicle sufficiently so you can easily install the 35-inch rims with no hassle. You can count on the leveling kit to give your truck a better lifting point to help reduce rust, noise, and uneven tire alignment. 

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