How to Bypass the Parking Brake Wire on Boss Stereo?

Ideally, having a screen playing a DVD within the view of the drive might seem to be so cool but it poses a real safety risk, so the manufacturers apply certain safety measures.

Generally, you have to wire your stereo to the parking brake in order to bypass it so that you can view the screen and enjoy the interesting features that come with your preferred stereo. When the stereo is wired to the parking brake, it requires you to be stationary and have the parking brake engaged so that you can have a better view of the screen. 

Additionally, by doing this, you can bypass this safety feature depending on the model you have while with other models one might be required to purchase other additional parts for them to achieve the bypass process.

How to Bypass the Parking Brake Wire on the Boss Stereo?

how to bypass parking brake wire on boss stereo

It is very important to understand your car’s braking system, which is the most essential part of a car. This is where all the safety of the driver and the passengers relies on.  Having the know-how about the parking brake system will allow you to handle your car smoothly without any problems.

Conducting a boss stereo parking brake bypass is one of the simplest in the market to bypass. This is done by: 

  • First, take out the stereo player from your dashboard assuming it had already been installed. 
  • Then locate or find the 12-volt ground connecting the player wires. It’s usually black in color.
  •   Finally, remove the ends of the wires ½ inch or ¼ inch that are meant to be linked to the parking brake,  the stereo players’ ground, and the car’s ground wire or grounding the brake wire.

What Is a Parking Brake Used for on a Car Stereo?

The parking brake, which is also used as an emergency brake is used for sending signals to the stereo from the car with the aid of an unswerving light on the dashboard when engaged.

What does the parking brake wire do on a head unit?

The brake wire is used to send a signal to the android head unit from the car. The parking brake in the car is where the head unit is interested.

The Parking brake which also functions as the emergency brake has a consistent light on the dashboard which shows when the parking brake is functional.

Do I Have to Connect the Parking Brake Wire to a Pioneer Stereo?

Car owners love the idea of having fancy screens on their dashboards and so for a touchscreen or video monitor stereo, you will need to link a wire to the parking brake wire. This wire turns on the touchscreen or video monitor when the parking brake is engaged.

If your new stereo has a video monitor or a touchscreen, you will necessarily need to connect a wire to your emergency brake wire. The brake wire has a corresponding light on the dashboard that shows when a parking brake is applied.

How do Connect the Parking Brake Wire to the Stereo?

Grounding your stereo with the parking brake wire will enable you to listen to music smoothly, watch videos and your favorite movies enjoy a seamless Bluetooth connection where you can make and receive important calls and other cool features that comes with the stereo. 

You can connect the parking brake wire to the stereo; 

  • First, you inspect the harness of the stereo system and locate the green wire (ground).
  • Then using a stripper, strip and  cut the wire
  • After stripping and cutting take a good length of linking wire and strip the insulation to about half an inch on both ends.  Go ahead and wind the two naked terminals together.
  • Afterward, thread the wire through the dashboard middle section to the parking brake wire. Strip the insulation coating of the brake wire and wind the two wires together.
  • Then lock the twisted terminal into a wire cap.
  • Eventually, you can test your stereo system.


The Pioneer harness comes with a light green wire which in this case the parking brakes wires. This is the wire that should be connected to the power side of the parking brake switch.

A parking brake bypass is just a handheld pump that is connected to a pot. It uses applied pressure to release the brake and then allows the machine to roll in a neutral/ be towed.

The parking brake wire is a green wire which is located just ahead of the emergency brake lever. It is a single wire attached to the emergency brake switch.

A hand brake bypass is a cable that bypasses the e-brake (electronic brake) for the head unit so as to be able to view the display screen while a car is in motion. Although many people tend to think that an electronic parking brake drains the car battery. It does not e-brake only draws electricity to engage or disengage the brake parts.

Final Words

Nowadays, technology has brought along great car technological improvements for instance, touchscreen androids installed in the car dashboards, which are of different kinds and are so easy for the drivers to install the parking brake wire bypass by themselves without consulting mechanics or the manufacturers.