Can You Sleep in a Toyota Matrix? Let’s Figure Out

The Toyota Matrix is indeed a road trip car. It comes with a built-in power inverter, great gas mileage, and reliability that you can count on.  

Yes, you can sleep in a Toyota Matrix. This vehicle is thus ideal for camping and road trips as it offers plenty of room to sleep. With a queen-sized inflatable air mattress, you are good to go. The comfort matches that of your bed as some air mattresses provide plenty of back support. 

This article explains how you can successfully and comfortably sleep in your Toyota Matrix. 

Can You Sleep in a Toyota Matrix?

The Toyota Matrix is a preferred vehicle among many as it couples interior versatility and the usability of an SUV with the qualities of a sporty and compact car. This simple and practical car is minimalistic making it ideal for the average man.

One outstanding feature of the Toyota Matrix is the spacious boot space. Sleeping is made more comfortable than ever. 

How to Sleep in Your Toyota Matrix

Sleeping in your car is not a new idea. It has been there for a long time and car manufacturers are working to ensure you are comfortable while at it. It is possible to sleep in your Toyota Matrix and achieve a great level of comfort. 

What You Will Need

The requirements will depend on the location and the duration of sleep. This ranges from a short nap to a road trip-level sleeping arrangements. Therefore, it is important to pack accordingly. 

The basic items that you will require include:

  • Pillows 
  • An inflatable mattress
  • Two or three blankets 
  • Water

To add some privacy, you can use some homemade cardboard window covers if camping in urban areas. Also, to successfully nap in your car, you need to get to a quiet location without foot traffic. 

Let Down the Driver’s Seat

Depending on your car, it is advisable to let down the driver’s seat. Luckily for Toyota Matrix owners, the front seats can be folded.

Fold Down the Backseats

Folding the back seats is by far the most comfortable way of sleeping in your car. It is almost similar to a truck bed, but with more cushioning. 

A Car Tent

There are certain tents that you can attach to your car. These create an outdoor living space making an ideal way to sleep in your car especially when out camping. 

What Are the Pros of Sleeping in a Car?

Some campers find it more comfortable and convenient to sleep in their car rather than in a tent. You will only need to make a few modifications to your car and you are good to go. Sleeping in a car has always been the simpler alternative to a tent for Overlanding, camping, or road-tripping. Below are some reasons why. 

It Is Warmer

Cars feature an inbuilt insulation that is designed to trap heat inside. Therefore, by nighttime, the interior of your car will not cool off as fast as the inside of a tent.

Moreover, this insulation traps body heat as you sleep. This makes cars much warmer than the outside. Tents, on the other hand, do not have such insulation and hence the outside temperature does not vary greatly from the inside.

It Is Cheaper

All you will need is your car, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag. You will not need to spend more money on other camping gear. 

It Is Safer

With a car, it is possible to lock yourself in when you sleep at night. When camping in a populated area, vehicles can keep you safe from dangerous people. In case of any danger, you can always drive out. Moreover, vehicles provide protection against wild animals. 

Faster and Easier to Set up Camp

You only need to lay your sleeping bag or air mattress in the back of your vehicle. Vehicles offer convenience as you do not have to pitch and pack up a tent every day. 


There is practically no way any person older than 6 years can get comfortable laying in the backseat. Nowadays, the backseats of cars are getting smaller yet people get taller. This method of sleeping is not recommended. 

Toyota Matrix is the go-to vehicle if you want to carry some extra cargo thanks to its spacious boot space. It also boasts good handling and a smooth ride. On top of that, this vehicle is designed with standard performance and fuel economy. You always get your money’s worth with its fuel efficiency. Moreover, the incorporated safety features are top-notch. It also has a structured interior with an easy-to-use control layout. 

There are also some cons to sleeping in your car. For one, some cars are not large enough to allow you to sleep comfortably. When sleeping in a car, you need to lay completely flat and stretch out. Taller campers may have a hard time. Cars also offer less privacy. People can easily see through your car windows. Moreover, compared to tents, cars have fewer living spaces.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota Matrix is a great car in many aspects. It offers the best package for road trips and camping with its fuel efficiency, build quality, and large cargo space. It can also satisfy your sleeping needs when needed. The next time you want to go outdoors and set up your sleeping area in a car, the Toyota Matrix is a great choice. 

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