How to Fix Service Advancetrac F250 – A Definitive Guide

Undoubtedly, the service advancetrac system is one of the most important systems in every ford vehicle. Knowing and understanding the type of signal your car is passing is important.

Sometimes when driving your ford F250, a service advancetrac that works with many other car sensors may appear on your dashboard and this will mean that your car is experiencing some sort of malfunction and thus will require you to understand what issue your car is going through. This warning could be a damaged clock spring, tire mismatch, or a defective speed sensor.

This article explains more about how to fix service advanceTrac F250, causes, and solutions to the malfunctions.

How to Fix Service Advancetrac F250?

how to fix service advanceTrac f250

For ford F250 owners, you may be wondering how to fix a service advancetrac which is a common warning that is fitted on the dashboard of the car, and one may experience it at one given time or period.

This warning always signals that your car is experiencing some malfunction and requires some fixing.

Explore the actual cause of the problem, once you’ve found the problem, you can rectify it by:

Reconnecting the Sensor Wire

After exploring and finding any disconnections within the wiring harness of any stability-related sensors, reconnect them properly.

Repair or Replace Any Defective or Damaged Stability Components

A defect can occur in one or more stability-related sensors and can affect the advancetrac system, thoroughly examine it to identify the specific defective sensor and replace or repair it accordingly. You can either do it yourself or contact an expert mechanic.

Use of a Scanner

Sometimes you might find that everything is intact and you still getting the service advancetrac signal, in this case, you need to get an OBDII scanner to help identify what is triggering the signal

What Does Service Advancetrac Mean on a Ford F250?

Basically, service advancetrac is a warning signal that shows on Ford dashboards. This is to notify the driver that the computerized system has sensed a fault that needs instant attention.

Advance trac system in the F250 is intended to work with other several car sensors to enable it to monitor the speed and areas of stability. It combines a number of safety systems to help one escape an accident that may arise due to a traction loss.

How Do You Turn off the Advancetrac on a Ford F250?

Usually, when you start your f250 the advancetrac system will be automatically turned on and it will remain so unless you shut it off manually. One might be required to turn off the advancetrac system in cases where one is stuck in the mud or snow. Turning off it will allow the engine to apply full power to the wheels.

However, to turn off the advancetrac system, you can press the button on the instrument panel or select off from your vehicle’s information menu. When doing so ensure to check on the traction control off icon on the dashboard. 

What Causes Service Advance Trac to Come On?

Service advance trac can be prompted by a number of reasons mostly related to sensor issues. Some of the causes include:

  1. Mismatched Wheels– Ford vehicles come with a manual that warns car owners that vehicle modification may affect the stability control system. Every advancetrac system was programmed to work for a specific diameter so, so if you modify your tire size, and run on the mismatched set of tires the service advance trac will go on.
  2. Limp Mode– This will trigger the warning lights, and often it’s the service advancetrac warning. When your car is in this mode the advancetrac fails to function.
  3. Wiring Issues – In case of any wiring error, all sorts of problems with sensors might occur. When this occurs, you should first check that all the ground straps are properly connected. You may also refer to your repair manual wiring diagram to trace the source of the problem.
  4. Broken Clock Spring– Clock spring is a coil of wires that feeds power to the steering wheel buttons, steering angle sensor, and airbag. When this is broken this could render the advance trac system impossible.

How Do I Reset Advance Trac?

The best way to handle and maintain the service advancetrac in F250 is to reprogram the system, especially if it is triggered in error. Doing this is simply straightforward. You can basically do it on your own without the help of a mechanic by:

  • First, turn on the car’s ignition and keep it running.
  • Open the cars deck
  • Remove the battery’s negative terminal.
  • Allow the interruption for about 5 minutes.
  • Finally, reconnect the battery.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix Service Traction Control?

Basically, the service cost of the traction control system will depend on what is being changed and the local labor charges.

For traction control system switch spare may cost roughly $111 to $125. Including the labor charges ranging from ($56-$71) and the cost of spare parts that sold at ($54).

For the wheel speed sensor, the estimated cost is roughly $208-$250, including the cost of labor which is estimated to be ($62-$78) and the spare parts at ($146-$177).


Generally being a ford vehicle owner you may at one time experience a service advancetrac which is a common warning signal. These warning systems are mostly fitted on your vehicle’s dashboard that guide one against imminent dangers.

Normally this warning signal shows a malfunction within the vehicle that one must not overlook.  

For best results from your vehicle, the advancetrac should always stay on, only on rare occasions should it be off. This helps your F250 maintain its steadiness and regulator when driving under poor conditions, for instance, poor road terrains snow, ice, or rain.

You should first turn off your vehicle, then restart it. In case the traction control warning light stays off, there was a brief anomaly so you should be okay to continue, but if it stays on contact your mechanic for further examination.

Final Thoughts

Generally having knowledge about your service advancetrac will help you know exactly what to do when the warning is signaled on your dashboard. You should always keep your F250 in check to avoid having this warning.

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