How to Get an Anti-theft Code for Jeep Radio?

Many can agree that some of the best experiences when driving is when you are listening to your favorite tunes on the open road. For Jeep owners, it comes with a special package with included off-roading. However, when you replace your battery, your radio will request a code before you can indulge in your special playlist. 

Usually, the four-digit code is found in the owner’s manual. However, if you happen to have lost or misplaced the manual, you will have to contact Jeep customer service or your local Jeep dealership. With your VIN, radio serial number, and radio device number, they will be able to get your code so you can finally unlock the radio. 

This article expounds more on the anti-theft code for a Jeep code and how you can use it to unlock your radio. Read on. 

How to Get an Anti-theft Code for Jeep Radio? 

how to get an anti-theft code for Jeep radio

The Jeep radio always comes in handy during on and off-road drives. However, you may not be able to access it without the anti-theft code, especially if you change your battery. So, how can I get the anti-theft code for my Jeep radio?  

Thankfully, you do not have to wrack your brain to get the code—you need to find the owner’s manual. And if you are like most drivers, it is in your glove box. With the manual in hand, you are required to flip through to the Anti-theft radio code title and look for a four-digit code that unlocks your radio. 

However, maybe you are not good at keeping meticulous records and happen to have misplaced your manual. You need not worry—there are other ways to get the code. To get the code, you will be required to contact your local dealership or Jeep customer service. You will need to provide them with your Jeep’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), the radio device code, and the radio serial code. 

The VIN is a 17-digit number and can be found in several places such as on your insurance card, somewhere on your dashboard, or in the owner’s manual. And then locate the serial and device number somewhere on the radio. With these three, you can get your code.  

Why Does My Jeep Radio Want Its Anti-theft Code to Work?

The Jeep anti-theft radio code was specially put in place to deter thieves, as the name suggests. Usually, any time you disconnect your Jeep battery, or have it replaced, you cannot use the sound system unless you provide a four-digit code for your radio. 

Drivers can attest to the luxury that comes with listening to a great playlist while on the road. Arguably, radios still hold a special place in our hearts (and cars) even in this new age of audiobooks, podcasts, and customized Spotify playlists—and not only for drivers, but also the thieves. In other words, your Jeep radio will not work until you provide the anti-theft code. This is for your own good. 

How Do I Reset the Anti-theft Code on My Radio? 

After car maintenance where you replace your battery, you may soon realize that you have been locked out of your system. This is because the security system has been triggered and you need an anti-theft code to access the audio system. Unfortunately, while this system was put in place to prevent radio theft, it can also lock out the car owner.

Usually, you will need the make and model of your car and the VIN to get the code for a secondary source. Without these, your last resort will be to reset the code. 

If your radio prompts you for a code after replacing the battery, you are required to locate the code from the manual or manufacturer’s website. With the code, turn the ignition to the ON position and punch the radio power button. It will display a CODE on the screen and how to reset car audio without a code. This allows you to reset your radio. 

How Do I Unlock My Jeep Wrangler Radio?

Usually, when your audio system is locked, it displays CODE or LOC on the screen. The security code is needed to unlock it. With the code, turn the ignition to ON and press the radio power button. It will request the code which you can input to unlock the system. 

Where Is My Uconnect Anti-theft Code?

You can always find the Uconnect anti-theft code printed on the owner’s manual or sometimes on a sticker on the glove box. You should be looking for something that is labeled anti-theft radio code usually printed alongside the serial number of your radio. The code is usually four digits—anything more than that is wrong. 

What Happens if You Put In 5 Failed Radio Codes?

Entering the code many times will cause you to be permanently locked out. If this happens, you are required to briefly disconnect the battery. The lockout will be reset and then you can attempt to input the code again. This time, make sure you input the right code as in the manual.


The anti-theft code, usually four to six digits, is simply a numerical key. It is often used or required when you want to return functionality to the vehicle’s audio head unit after it has been disconnected from the battery. 

This will depend on the car’s manufacturer. If they offer an online code lookup, then you will need your VIN, the radio serial number, and some contact information such as email and phone number. Your radio code may then be emailed to you. 

Yes, it is possible to get your radio code online. You can visit the manufacturer’s website with your VIN, device serial number, and proof of ownership to retrieve the code. 

Final Thoughts

Jeep radios are inbuilt with a special security system usually for your own good. However, being locked out of your audio system is not the best experience. Thankfully, this common radio issue can easily be sorted and you can get the music on in no time.

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