How Many kWh to Charge RAV4 Prime – Things You Need to Know

RAV4 is one the best and most popular SUVs among the Toyota family. Currently, it’s one of the selling cars in the market.

RAV4 prime is a plug-in hybrid that blends the best parts of electric and gas cars, and it offers the added advantage of bigger batteries and extensive usage of electricity. It is also advantageous in that it can charge the battery as you drive progressively enhancing the battery range. It is also considered the first Toyota plug-in hybrid electric SUV.

This article explores more on how many kWh to charge the RAV4 prime.

How Many Kwh to Charge RAV4 Prime?

how many kwh to charge rav4 prime

Certainly, RAV4 models are one of the best SUVs since time in memorial, and they have been developing technologically to meet the wants of the people. With the introduction of the RAV4 prime model in the market, it has made it is also considered to be in high demand. It is loved because of its smooth efficiency.

Rav4 prime is enabled with a 3.3-kilowatt onboard charger, and its charging time for the 18.1-kilowatt battery differs depending on the voltage you are using. When using a 120-volt outlet it will take 12 hours for your car to be fully charged, and when using a public charging facility of 240- volt, it will take 4.5 hours to be fully charged.

How Many Kilometers Can the RAV4 Prime Run On One Electric Charge?

Ideally, a RAV4 prime comes with a 3.3-kW aboard charger as an average gear and 18.1-kilowatt batteries where it stores its electrons. It can go for up to 42 miles (68 km) on electric power alone when it’s fully charged.

Though sometimes it can only take you for up to 39 miles (63 km), this basically depends on your road terrain, weather condition, and your battery size.

How Much Power Does It Take to Charge a RAV4 Prime?

RAV4 prime is enabled with a 3.3-kW charger and 18.1-kilowatt battery. You can charge it in the comfort of your home with a 120 volts outlet; it will take you about 12 hours to have your car fully charged.

Also, you can use the public charging facility that has 240 volts outlet; with this, it will ideally take you 4.5 hours, 2.5 hours with the 6.6kw onboard charger.

How Long Can a RAV4 Prime Battery Last?

Undoubtedly your prime battery can last for 3 to 5 years, though it can differ depending on your driving habits, battery size, battery type, road terrains and the weather conditions of your area. 

Ideally, for better durability of your battery, it is advisable to always check on your battery every time you are servicing your car. You can extend the life of your RAV4 prime battery by:

  • Always cleaning the terminals and any posts of corrosion using the right cleaning solutions.
  • Ensuring that your battery is tightly secured.
  • Avoid exposing your car to extreme temperatures
  • Always test your battery.
  • Exercise starting your car frequently. Never let your battery go unused.

How Does the RAV4 Prime Work?

RAV4 prime uses a sequence of similar hybrid systems and thus can drive the wheels using either electric motors or gas engines. When it’s running on electricity, a green battery will indicate on the dashboard and when the indicator shows reduced, the HV mode will certainly be activated, automatically using both the gas engine and electric motors efficiently.

How Cheap Is It to Charge a Toyota Prime Model Than Fill a Gas-Powered Car?

Generally speaking, it’s cheaper to charge and fill it with gas compared to a fully gas-powered vehicle. This is because it basically takes on the cost of electricity only as it does away with the cost of gas.

However, for plug-in models, you will incur the cost of both electricity and gas, which is still way cheaper than other hybrid vehicles.

According to estimates from EPA you are likely to save up to $3,500 in RAV4 prime and up to $4,500 in Prius prime over fuel costs in five years.


Basically, the RAV4 prime has an increased EV mode driving range than RAV4 hybrid and it has more powerful electric motors and is fuel efficient. It also has a distinctive front lower spoiler and diamond design front framework.

As much as you can drive on electricity alone, you should ensure that you have gas in your tank; this will allow your car to function properly.

It is recommended to charge your car often so as to enjoy more electric drive miles, this will also help you capitalize on your savings and reduce your emissions. In case you run out of charge, your car prime will automatically shift to a gasoline hybrid system.

Final Words

It is believed that the durability of your car will depend on how you maintain and how frequently you service it. 

Thus it is necessary to ensure that your car is in good condition and has your battery charged and used at all times and make sure that your fuel tank has some gas for proper functioning. 

Use the proper charging cables and suitable voltage recommended for your car, so as to prolong your car battery. In case of any charging, issues consult your professional mechanic for assistance.

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