How Much Does a 5.9 Cummins Weigh – Everything You Need to Know!

The 5.9l engine was one of the major development outputs of the Cummins diesel engine, which ran from 1984 to 2006 and is considered one of the most popular oil burners on the market.

It was originally designed for agricultural use, but it is now mostly used by heavy trucks. Unlike other diesel engines, the 5.9 Cummins has direct injection, does not require glow plugs, and produces 160 horsepower.

You won’t need to worry though; this article will take you through how much weight 5.9 Cummins has.

How Much Does a 5.9 Cummins Weigh?

5.9 Cummins is one of the most popular diesel engines in the market. It is mostly used by heavy-duty trucks because of its fuel efficiency and its ability to produce 160 horsepower. The ultimate 5.9 Cummins weight is 1150 lbs.

How Much Does a 12-Valve 5.9 Cummins Weigh?

The 12-valve 5.9 Cummins diesel engine was first developed in 1984 and was primarily intended for agricultural use before being installed on heavy-duty trucks in 1989. Its popularity stems from its ability to be twice as fuel efficient as gasoline engines. The 12v 5.9 primarily weighs 1000 lbs.

How Much Does a 5.9 24 v Cummins Weigh?

The 5.9 24 v Cummins diesel engine is a 12v upgrade that was modified to meet emissions regulations. The total weight of the 24v 5.9 Cummins engine is 1,150 lbs.

How Much Horsepower Does a 5.9 24V Cummins Have?

The 24v 5.9 Cummins has four valves per cylinder, which increases engine efficiency and allows it to produce more horsepower and torque than the 12v version. The 24v can produce 305 horsepower with a manual transmission, but only 235 horsepower with an automatic transmission due to its lower output.

What Are Some Problems With Cummins Engines?

 Irrespective of how well you maintain your mechanical power, they will eventually fail. It can range from a minor annoyance to a major issue that requires immediate attention, some of which will prevent you from even starting your vehicle.

The following are some common Cummins issues:

Oil Leaking

Oil leakage can occur with cumin engines at times, which is a major issue. Leaking always occurs in the valve cover gasket, which can harm your engine by contaminating the spark plugs.

Fixing these leaks is quite expensive because you have to replace the entire engine rather than repair it because these engines are made of aluminum.

Engine Squeaking

Engine knock typically occurs while driving when there is insufficient oil in the cylinders to compress the air that enters them.

Leaking Exhaust Manifold

Both the engine and the exhaust manifold are made of cast iron and are joined together. When the engine heats and cools, the resulting expansion and contraction cause the manifold to snap, resulting in leakage.

Also, with the manifold cracking, pressure cannot build up, resulting in reduced engine power.

Failure of the Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor

The APPS detects how far the accelerator pedal is depressed and signals how much fuel should be released into the engine. When this fails, your system is unable to determine how much fuel to inject into the engine. The engine may stall or jerk as a result of this. This occurs when the sensor randomly turns on and off.

If you encounter this issue, you can easily resolve it by purchasing and installing new APPS.

Leaks From Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors can become clogged by dirt in diesel fuel, and even more so if the fuel filters are not functioning correctly. This causes the injectors to clog, resulting in insufficient fuel being injected into the pistons or leaking into the engine.

If the engine is still new, you can simply replace the faulty injector; for older engines, you’ll need to replace all of the injectors.

Are Refurbished Engines Good?

Refurbished engines are less expensive than brand-new engines, and they are often superior to even new car engines due to the use of enhanced parts or changes in design parts that correct problems with the original engine. Refurbished engines are reliable and are covered by the engine manufacturer’s warranty program.


The Cummins 5.0l V8 turbo diesel engine is ideal for smaller trucks and drivers who do not require as much pulling power. It employs a compacted graphite iron block for a long-lasting construction that is light enough for smaller applications.

A 3,200 rpm governor spring can be used to increase the operating range of 5.9l. Your vehicle will have more horsepower and be more drivable if you use this spring to extend the fueling of the VE pump past 3,000 rpm.

This is due to the engine’s introduction of inline-six architecture, direct injection, and the p-pump, and true, industrial-level strength to the 3/4-ton truck market. Its stroke overshadows the competition in either 5.9l or 6.7l form and produces the most usable off-idle torque of any engine in the segment.

Final Thoughts

With the introduction of the emission regulations, the 5.9 cummins has gone through a lot of improvements in order to meet these regulations. 

12v 5.9 cummins was upgraded to 24v majorly because of the emission regulations that was put in place hence resulting to more improved versions of the engine. Due to these developments the 5.9 cummins will always remain one of the best diesel engines in the automotive industry.