How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Toyota Rav4 Key Fob?

In modern cars, key fobs also referred to as remote fobs, are standard. A remote control that has buttons to lock and unlock your car from the outside and the trunk are included with car keys.

Key fobs are made for convenience, speeding up the process of simultaneously opening all of the vehicle doors. In inclement weather or dangerous locations, it is useful. If your key fob is lost, stolen, or damaged, a locksmith or dealership will need to help you replace it. And there is a charge for this.

So be sure to read the crucial details on how much it will cost to replace your Toyota Rav4 key fob.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Toyota RAV4 Key Fob?

how much does it cost to replace a toyota rav4 key fob

The cost of replacing a Toyota rav4 key fob ranges from $140 to $450. However, the price varies depending on a number of factors, including the type of key you require and the year the car was produced. The most important factor in choosing whether you need a chip, intelligent fob, “push to start,” remote regular, or non-transponder key is the sort of key you originally used and the year the automobile was manufactured.

The security features on the key are improved on newer vehicles. Therefore, you should prepare to spend more than $250 on replacement keys for later versions.

Time of Day and the Place

Think about how much it could cost you to have a locksmith make you a new key after regular business hours. Sometimes the cost could be higher if the locksmith has to come to you or when it’s past regular business hours.

Where to Obtain a Replacement Key (Dealer, Automotive Locksmith or Online)

The price of replacing your key fob will change based on where you buy it. Is it coming from a dealer, the internet, or a car locksmith? A locksmith would typically charge 10% to 15% more for a replacement than the dealer. You must tow the vehicle there in order to program the new key fob. The ultimate price is often higher as a result.

Original Ignition or Not

The code for the key may not be relevant if you’ve previously had your ignition cylinder replaced, which is rather common in older models. The dealer cannot assist you in these situations; you will either need to change the ignition again or the locksmith will need to manually cut the key.

Can You Replace the Toyota Key Fob?

Depending on the extent of the damage, you have numerous replacement choices if you break or damage your key fob. You can receive a new key fob at your nearby Toyota center if the key was just broken. You can get a new key made for you by technicians while still utilizing your present key fob.

You might be able to save some money by just getting a replacement casing if your key fob has been cracked but the electronics within are still functional. Basically, this will rely on your local Toyota dealer and the case’s availability. You’ll need a replacement Toyota key fob if your key fob has totally been broken, either due to physical damage or prolonged exposure to water.

Can I Buy a Key Fob and Program It Myself?

Subject to the make and model of your automobile, some older models offer instructions for self-programming key fobs, but the majority of modern cars need to be programmed by a professional. A replacement key fob can be purchased from a nearby merchant or auto parts store. Key fob programming techniques might vary; some automakers include instructions in their owner’s manuals.

Do You Have to Pay to Use a Toyota Key Fob?

Users of new Toyota vehicles typically receive a free trial period on their key fob that can last anywhere from three to ten years, depending on the model. The service has an after-trial price of either $8 per month or $80 per year.

Other benefits of Toyota Remote Connect may justify the cost of the purchase. It has in-car Wi-Fi, a function to assist you to locate your parked car, a system that enables you to check the fuel level and odometer remotely from your phone, and specific settings for parents of teen drivers.

Is It Expensive to Replace a Key Fob?

Electronic key fobs, often called remotes or transmitters, are used in the majority of modern automobiles. Depending on the automaker and the complexity of the design, the price to replace a key fob can range from $50 to over $100. Every key fob requires programming. While some dealerships will do it for no charge, others will bill for the labor time of between 30 minutes and an hour.


Be aware of the battery type in your Toyota RAV4 key fob. All key fobs, including these ones, run on batteries. Make sure you keep a spare battery and that you are aware of the kind you require.

Depending on the key fob you have, the Toyota Rav4 often uses a CR-1632, CR-2032, or CR-2450 battery.

The answer is yes, however the locksmith service will also require evidence of ownership in addition to the VIN. You can’t order a key online for some modern cars since the car has to be there when the key is made.

Nothing will happen if your key fob dies while you’re driving. The fact that the key fob is solely a starting and unlocking device means that the automobile will keep running. The key fob has no influence over the ignition or engine once the automobile is moving.

Final Thoughts

Toyota rav4 key fob is very essential to most car owners as it is convenient to use and carry around, sometimes it can disappoint you when you misplace it or it stops functioning, however, there is no need to worry as you can get a replacement either at the dealership, online or from the locksmith. You can also easily purchase a new key fob and program it by yourself. 

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