How to Turn off Security Indicator Light Nissan Rogue? Things All You Need Here!

The Nissan Rogue security system emits visual and auditory alarm signals whenever the doors, trunk lid, or hood are opened when the system is armed. However, it is not a motion detection system that starts working when a car is moved or vibrates.

The Nissan Rogue security system aids in preventing car theft but is unable to always stop it or prevent the theft of interior or exterior vehicle parts. Even when leaving your car parked for a short time, always keep it locked. Never leave your intelligent key inside the car, and lock it whenever you leave it alone. Keep an eye on your surroundings and, if at all feasible, park in places that are secure and well-lit.

Therefore, we will share the top-secret techniques in this article that you can use to turn off the security indicator light in Nissan Rogue.

How to Turn off the Security Indicator Light Nissan Rogue?

how to turn off security indicator light nissan rogue

Only the driver’s door or trunk can be unlocked with the intelligent key in close proximity to the door handle, which is done by pushing the unlock button on the driver’s or passenger’s door.

The security indication light can also be turned off using the procedures outlined below;

  • Look for a button that releases the actual key from the fob so you can slide it out.
  • Without releasing the door, turn the car key to unlock it.
  • Keep the key in this position for 30 seconds. By doing so, you will let your car’s security system know that you have the right key and can disable the alarm.

What Does the Security Indicator Light Mean in Nissan Rogue?

When you turn on your automobile, the security light will briefly come on, just like your check engine light and other dashboard indicators. By doing a bulb check, you can avoid missing important information about your car because the dash light has burned out.

When the car is off and you have no trouble starting it, the security light may be on or flashing. This is just your automobile’s way of letting you know that your anti-theft system is working.

If the security indicator light is on while the engine is running or if it is on but you can’t start the car, there is an issue with your anti-theft system. 

How to Arm the Nissan Rogue Security System?

  • Shut all windows.
  • Take the vehicle’s intelligent key off.
  • Using the smart key, lock all the doors, the hood, and the trunk.
  • Check to see if the security indicator light illuminates. For around 30 seconds, the security light is on. The security system for the car has been pre-armed. 
  • The security system will automatically switch to the armed phase after around 30 seconds. The security light switches to a three-second flash cycle. The system won’t arm if the driver’s door is unlocked using the key or key fob during the 30 seconds of the pre-arm time or if the ignition is turned to the “ON” position.

How to Activate Security System in Nissan Rogue?

The theft warning alarm and panic alarm are the two main alarm features of the vehicle security system, they serve to lessen the likelihood of theft or vandalism by intermittently activating horns and hazard warning lamps.

The lights will blink and the horn will blast sporadically as the Nissan Rogue warns you. After a certain amount of time, the alarm is automatically turned off.

 If the car is tampered with once more, the alarm goes off again. By using the key to unlock the driver’s door or by depressing the button on the intelligent key, the alarm can be turned off.

The door or hood must be opened without the use of a key or intelligent key, or the door must be unlocked by releasing the door inside the lock, in order to set off the alarm.


It is also a sign that your immobilizer and automobile alarm are still functional. The indicator light includes a little picture of the key in its formation. As soon as the car ignition is turned off, it will occur.

The security indication light’s computer programming could break down if your battery is not in excellent condition again, causing the light to begin blinking erratically.

Simply press the unlock button on your Nissan intelligent key, the key registered to your car, to reset the security system and turn off the anti-theft light.

Simply press the unlock button on your Nissan intelligent key, the key registered to your car, to reset the security system and turn off the anti-theft light.

In most circumstances, the security light indicates that the automobile is no longer capable of reading the key you are currently using. If this is the case, using a different key may be able to solve the issue. Call a dependable mechanic to help you diagnose the problem and reprogram the anti-theft system if a second key does not resolve the problem and the light is still on.

Final Words

As a Nissan rogue owner always pay attention to your car and get to know more about what each security light means when displayed on the dash.

You can easily turn off the security indicator light by yourself without having to involve your mechanic; you can only consult your mechanic when your security indicator light won’t go off even after resetting your car’s security system.

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