How to Unlock Jeep Compass With Keys Inside?

Many drivers have undergone the frustration that comes with accidentally locking themselves out of their cars. And they can attest that it is not the best experience especially when no help seems to be forthcoming. Thankfully, this article got you covered by outlining some tips that can help when faced with such a situation. 

If you happen to lock your keys inside your Jeep Compass, there are several things that you can do to salvage the situation. For instance, Jeep owners often have the Uconnect app that allows them to perform some operations from the comfort of their phones. Alternatively, there are some other destructive options that you can go for to access the inside. These include breaking a window or using a hammer.

This article explains how you can get out of such a situation and the different tips you can apply. 

What to Do if You Lock Your Keys in a Jeep

how to unlock jeep Compass with keys inside

One of the unfortunate scenarios that most drivers have faced is locking themselves out of their cars. But such accidents are sometimes inevitable, no matter how careful we are. And when it happens, you do not need to beat yourself up. Fortunately, they are several options that you can try out if you happen to lock your keys inside your Jeep. 

Use Uconnect App 

Luckily for Jeep owners, these cars come with an integrated phone app that helps in ways more than one, and this includes being able to unlock your car when you need to. From the app (already subscribed and with enough phone data), locate the unlock button and you will be on your way in no time. 

Use a Hammer

A hammer can come in handy if you are forced to break the master lock. Being one of the destructive methods, it is only recommended if you do not have a hanger or screwdriver within reach. Also, it is likely to cause serious damage to your master lock, but it is worth a try if it is your only option at the moment. The hammer is used to tap the door lock until it comes off allowing you to unscrew the door panel. 

Open the Soft Top

There are some Jeep models, especially the new ones, that come with a soft top. You can use this top to access the inside of your car. This can be done by feeling around the seams until you come across an opening. From this opening, you can reach the inside and unlock your door. 

Trunk Access

You can also manage to access the inside of your car from the trunk. For this, you may need a slim rod or a hanger. Also, you may have to remove the license plate cover from underneath the trunk. From here, you should try accessing the trunk latch using the hanger or rod. This is not the easiest method.

Break a Window

The last resort should be to break your window in order to access the inside. This will cause damage to your car since you brake a glass in the process. You can use a rock or any nearby tool and then you can unlock the car from the inside. 

How Do You Use the Emergency Key on a Jeep Compass?

The emergency key of the Jeep Compass can easily come to your aid when you need it most. Generally, for cars with a push-button start, there is usually a mechanical key in the key fob that many are not aware of.

This mechanical key enables drivers to be able to unlock their cars even when the doors close and the key fob’s battery is dying. This key is accessed by pushing a button and pulling the key out.  

How Do You Start a Jeep Compass Without a Key Fob?

Nowadays, vehicles come with great and fun technology which includes a keyless ignition and push-button start. The same is the case for new models of Jeep Compass. But what do you do if you lose your key fob? 

This will depend on the situation. If you lose your key fob before getting in the car which enables the push-button start, you will not be able to start the car. If you have your spare key, that’s better. 


Many people will go for their wallet as they always carry it with them. Another good place is in a keychain in the house. If you happen to lock yourself out, you can call a friend or family to retrieve it for you. Moreover, you can put it in your hitch receiver. If the hitch receiver has a plug, you can place the key inside and close it for safekeeping.

This will depend on the vehicle that you own. Some vehicles may continue to run without the key fob. However, they are not likely to start again as long as the key fob is out of the cabin. 

You can recalibrate your sunroof by pressing and releasing the vent switch. This prompts the sunroof to move to the vent position. Doing so for about 5 seconds recalibrates the sunroof position. 

Final Words

If you accidentally lock your keys inside your car, there are a number of cheap, expensive, and tough ways to unlock yourself. It is important that you familiarize yourself with each and see how they can work for you in such a situation. It is also important to have your spare key in hand as it will save you a lot of frustration.

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