Nissan Juke Keyless Entry Button Not Working – Identifying Reasons & Solutions

Modern technology is modifying and enhancing common vehicles to enhance their capabilities and efficacy. The invention of the keyless entry button has simplified locking and unlocking for car owners.

The Nissan Juke’s remote keyless entry system makes it simple for owners to lock and unlock the vehicle with the touch of a button on the key fob. Several factors, including a dead coin battery inside the key fob, worn-out buttons, a bad battery connection, and a faulty key fob, might cause a remote key to malfunction.

This article goes into further detail about the Nissan juke keyless entry button not working.

Dead coin battery in the fobReplace the battery
Faulty remote keyReset the remote key
Poor battery connectionRemove the batteries and position them well.
Water damageRemove the battery and dry them
Dead 12v batteryCheck the 12 battery connections
Signal interferenceMove away from the interference
Faulty receiver moduleReset the system

8 Reasons Why Nissan Juke Keyless Entry Button Not Working & Solutions

nissan juke keyless entry button not working

The key FOB or electronic key is another name for the remote key. Using a FOB or electronic key is currently popular among automobile owners; locking and unlocking your vehicle with the touch of a button is seen as fancy and elegant.

But like any other electronic item, it will eventually malfunction. Among the issues with and fixes for a broken juke remote key is:

The Key Fob Has a Dead Coin Battery.

Key fobs in jukes frequently fail to lock or unlock the doors because of a dead coin battery. Before a battery fails, it typically shows indicators of deterioration. If the remote was functioning before, but its range was gradually dwindling until it stopped working altogether, the battery was running low.


You should change the batteries in your key fob with new ones that are the same voltage, size, and specification. When inserting the battery, make certain it is oriented in the proper orientation.

Dead 12V Battery

A 12-volt battery is used to power both the central locking system and the remote key. All electronics will stop working if the 12-volt battery is dead, the ground connection is damaged, or the electric current has been hindered by corrosion on the battery terminals. You’ll have to manually unlock your Nissan Juke in that situation.


For the electronics to work correctly, you must charge or replace your 12-volt battery if it is dead. Additionally, if there is any corrosion, clean the battery terminals. After you swap out the 12-volt battery, the remote key ought to operate properly at this point.

Faulty Remote Key

The internal chip can be harmed in little incidents like dropping your remote key on the ground, which will interfere with how it works. You won’t be able to use your remote key if it is broken.

The remote key may be faulty, though, if you’ve tried changing the battery and resetting the remote and it’s still not working.


You will be forced to buy a new remote key if replacing the battery or resetting the remote key does not work.

Poor Battery Connection

The battery inside the key fob is held in place and the circuit is completed by a metal fastening clip. The remote may not receive power if the clips are not taut and cause contact issues.


Every time you use the remote, check the battery to make sure it is securely fastened and hasn’t moved. Ensure that all battery contacts are free of dust and corrosion.

Water Damage

Your remote key will almost probably experience some water damage if it falls into the water while you’re washing your hands. The electrical chip within the remote key cannot become wet because of the rubber seals on the key. The remote won’t be affected by a quick splash of water or light rain, but extended exposure will.


After extended contact with clean water, take out the battery right away and wipe the electrical part down with a paper towel before reinstalling it.

Clean the chip with isopropyl alcohol or an electronic cleaner if it has come into contact with salty, soapy, or filthy water. The chip may be defective or may have been severely harmed by the water if the remote still does not function after wiping and drying; as a result, you will need to buy a new remote key for your automobile.

Signal Interference

The juke key fob control signal may be interfered with by nearby transmitters operating on the same frequency range, objects, bad weather, or other factors. The remote key might only function while you are close to the car; it might not function when you are farther away.

Not only are nearby radio masts and towers a source of signal interference, but also improperly installed satellite systems. A significant portion of radio interference is brought on by flaws and aging effects in electrical and radio equipment, which result in undesired emissions that interfere with the key fob’s operation.


Your key fob will operate normally once you leave the area of interference.

Faulty Receiver Module

A receiver for the Nissan Juke’s remote keyless system picks up radio frequency signals from the key fob. It’s likely that the receiver module has developed a defect if none of your key fobs function and you are unable to reset the keys. The antenna for keyless entry can be harmed.


Reset the System

If the key fob isn’t functioning because of a problem with the keyless entry system in your juke, it might be feasible to fix the problem by resetting the system.


Disconnecting all of the onboard computers require temporarily removing the 12-volt battery. Before removing the cable from the battery’s positive terminal, disconnect it from the negative terminal.

To completely drain the system of any remaining electricity, turn on the headlights while the battery is unplugged and repeatedly push the horn button. Reconnect the battery in reverse, with the positive cable going in first and the negative cable following after 15 minutes.


The battery in your juke should last between two and four years, depending on how frequently you use the key fob or remote control.

For a replacement key and remote, is estimated between $50 and $200. The price will vary according to how complicated the key is and how much time was expended cutting and programming it. Older models, however, have keys without a chip, necessitating little to no programming.

Do-it-yourself replacement of a key fob is possible. A replacement key fob can be purchased from a nearby merchant or auto parts store. The new remote can then be programmed using the universal key fob programming technique.

Final Thoughts

Your Nissan Juke key fob not locking or unlocking the doors could be caused by a variety of factors. Start your investigation of the causes with the apparent ones that are simple to identify and can be resolved on your own, such as changing the batteries in the key fob.

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