Nissan Pathfinder Door Won’t Open From Inside and Outside – Quick Reliable Solutions!

Often, many drivers worry about locking their keys inside the car. What many do not know is that it is possible that your car door does not open from the inside as well as the outside. 

This occurrence can be attributed to many reasons. In the case of a Nissan pathfinder, the common culprits are poor connections, breaks, deadlock, rust, and freezing. Different solutions can be applied for each of the causes given. 

This article goes in-depth on the Nissan Pathfinder door won’t open from the inside and outside solutions to help you out.

Nissan Pathfinder Door Won’t Open From Inside and Outside

nissan pathfinder door won’t open from inside and outside

The car door not being able to open from the inside and outside alike is a problem that calls for immediate attention. The problems could be as simple as a triggered child lock to more complex issues involving connections. 

Child Locks

Many modern cars come with an additional safety feature targeting children known as child locks on the back doors. Hence, if the back doors are the doors in question that will not open from the inside, it is likely that the issue lies with the child locks being engaged unknowingly. Often, it happens accidentally such as when a child fidgets with the lock. You can only check whether they are engaged by opening the door from the outside. 


Once you manage to open the car door from the outside, change the position of the lock. Usually, there is a sticker that indicates the lock position. If there is any other reason, such as a faulty door latch that makes the lock slip or fall to the lock position, you should have that fixed as soon as possible. 

Poor Connections 

Usually, the car door lock assembly consists of a series of interconnected levers and actuators. These parts are prone to disconnecting making the car door not open at all. Also, these connections may slip over time due to use or suddenly as a result of a crash.

It is often something that comes loose but is still a difficult case to diagnose. It always requires one to take off the door panel to expose the lock assembly. 


As mentioned above, you will have to take off the door panel and expose the door lock assembly. From here, actuate the lock to know what goes where for proper functioning then reconnect the pieces.  


If your car has stayed in a location with temperatures that drop below freezing for quite a while, freezing is a plausible explanation for doors acting up. Typically, anything that is frozen behaves as if it is jammed and will not move at all.

This often happens when ice forms on the door blocking the latch or the internal components on the door lock assembly freeze up causing the door not to open from the inside.

Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish jamming by freezing from that caused by rust and debris. However, it is important to note that unlike freezing, debris and dirt cause a more gradual loss of reliable functionality. 


Traditionally, opening a frozen car door will require you to apply an ice removal product or other substance with a lower freezing point than water directly to the ice. If the ice is inside the door, you may have to take the door apart. Alternatively, you can try to jiggle the lock actuators back and forth to break up the ice. 


Depending on the part that has broken and how it was broken, the problems will vary. This will necessitate you to expose the assembly and investigate. You can check for what is missing or visibly broken. 


The process will involve purchasing and replacing the broken parts. Locating the broken pieces is the trick. Purchasing and installation can be handled by a locksmith.


The overall cost of fixing a door that does not open from the inside depends on various factors such as the labor put in and the price of individual replacement parts.

Thankfully, issues that result in being locked inside the car often require minimal non-complex labor and no new parts. Generally, the average cost of car door lock repair services starts from $120.

If the issue is that the car door cannot open from the inside, you can rule out some of the causes such as a broken car door lock cylinder, and others that affect opening from the outside. If locked from the inside, the issues could range from a triggered child lock to a damaged lock assembly. 

Relocking your car when you cannot open the door from the inside is risky. It is advisable to keep the door open to fix the lock while the lock still has some functionality. Usually, if a door is not functioning properly, it is likely to escalate very quickly. The problem could become more serious that may require a locksmith.


Often, it is difficult to detect what causes your car door not to open from the inside and outside. But the only way to fix the issue is by first understanding what caused it in the first place. For any assistance with the diagnosis, you can get a professional or a locksmith. 

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