Nissan Rogue Security Indicator Light Car Won’t Start – Here’s How to Reset

Nissan automobiles are regarded as the most popular models on the market because they have significantly increased security features, like the immobilizer system.

The Nissan Rogue security indicator light is one of the most important safety features that car manufacturers include. It is frequently one of the clearest signs that anything is wrong with your car, proving that it is safe to drive and in good working order. It also functions as an emergency warning light to help prevent car theft.

More information on why the Nissan Rogue security indicator light car won’t start is provided in this article.

Nissan Rogue’s Security Indicator Light Car Won’t Start? – Here’s What to Do

Nissan rogue security indicator light car wont start

The security indication light ought to flicker normally for a few seconds before going off. But occasionally, despite the security indicator light blinking, the car won’t start.

A problem with your vehicle can also be indicated if the security indicator light remains illuminated rather than flashing.

The most likely reason is that you probably used the wrong key to start the ignition. Make sure you are using the correct key by checking your key again. The problem may be with the immobilizer system if the key is in the appropriate keyhole and is the right key, in which case you should get in touch with your preferred mechanic.

Alternatively, your immobilizer system may need to be reset.

Nissan Rogue’s Security Light Blinking?

Undoubtedly, you have noticed a red light flashing repeatedly on your dashboard and are concerned that your car may be defective or may be malfunctioning.

When your automobile is locked or when the key has been taken out of the ignition lock, a red flashing light will display. Typically, it means that your car’s immobilizer system is operating properly. Most contemporary vehicles come equipped with an immobilizer system.

The immobilizer system is typically an electronic security mechanism that stops your car’s ignition without the correct key. The rate of car theft has decreased globally because of innovations in the auto industry.

The bulb inspection may also cause the Nissan security indication light to momentarily flash and then turn off. The purpose of the bulb test is to determine whether the indicator light is operational. Every time you turn the ignition to start your car and enter the key, this takes place. There is no need to be alarmed because this light will appear and fade.

How to Reset the Nissan Rogue Security Indicator Light?

In essence, there is no way to get around the auto security system. You can, however, reset it. Resetting the immobilizer system is the recommended initial step to take if you find that your automobile won’t start.

As an alternative, you might have accidentally touched the panic button, which would have prevented your automobile from starting.

You can reset your Nissan Rogue security system in a few different ways:

Take Out the Battery.

When they encounter any auto issue, the majority of drivers frequently practice this. It doesn’t work for the majority of auto issues, but it does in this instance. Take out the battery, wait around fifteen minutes, then replace it and start the vehicle.

Lock, and Then Leave.

Making sure the windows are rolled up, getting out of the car, and locking all of the doors is the simplest and most common technique to reset your automobile’s immobilizer system. Walk away from the car, leaving between 10 and 12 feet separating you from it.

Wait around fifteen minutes before returning to your automobile. Once you return and unlock the door, everything is fine.

Turn on the Ignition.

To start your engine, place your key in the ignition lock and crank the key. Wait for the security indicator light to flash once after letting the engine run for around fifteen minutes. Remove the key and wait for around 10 seconds after it flashes.

Once the immobilizer system has been reset, carry out the procedure again for around five minutes.

Utilize the Proper Buttons.

You must hold down the panic button for 4 to 5 seconds in order to reset the immobilizer system. If the previous step didn’t work or you discovered that your car wouldn’t start after you accidentally touched the panic button, you must follow this step immediately.

By pushing the lock button twice, you can then raise the windows and lock the vehicle. After leaving your car for around fifteen minutes, return, press the unlock button twice, and you’re good to go.

The security indicator light flashing is a warning that your immobilizer system has been reset. If you don’t get this indication, your car’s immobilizer system hasn’t been reset.


The security light will be flashing in the absence of any action or if the engine starts and then stops. Wait for approximately 10 minutes with the key still in the on position. The flashing light should stop flashing or turn on steadily. When it occurs, turn off the engine, wait for about 20 seconds, and then restart it.

By Attempting to Start the Vehicle, You Can Quickly Remove Your Car From Security Mode. Place the Mechanical Key in the Door Lock if the First Method Doesn’t Work. When You Turn the Key to Unlock the Door, Hold It There for 30 Seconds Before Reversing the Direction. The Car Should Be Started.

Red flags that are frequently present include difficulty starting, a lack of ignition power, and unexpected alarms and flashing lights. If a system was not installed by a specialist with in-depth electrical expertise in your car, then these issues may arise.

Final Thoughts

The Nissan rogue security indicator light is a gift for Nissan owners, and it’s wise to comprehend the signs it sends to make sure the vehicle is kept in good condition. Additionally, it’s crucial because that’s how your car will notify you in the event of a problem.

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