Nissan Security Indicator Light Car Won’t Start – Why And How To Solve It

The Nissan security indicator light is the most important system to car owners as it is a way the car communicates with you.

One of the crucial safeguards used by auto manufacturers to keep your car safe is the security indicator light. It is one of the most obvious warning signs that your car is broken, letting you know that it is safe to drive and operating as it should. Additionally, it serves as a theft-prevention emergency alarm light for your automobile.

This article goes into detail about the Nissan security indicator light car won’t start.

The Nissan Security Indicator Light on the Car Won’t Come On.

The security indicator light should normally flicker briefly before going out. The security indication light occasionally blinks, yet the automobile sometimes won’t start.

If something is wrong with your car, the security indicator light may also illuminate continuously rather than merely flashing. The possibility that you accidentally used the wrong key in the ignition lock is the most plausible explanation.

What Does the Security Indicator Light on a Nissan Mean?

The security indicator light turns on to let you know whether there is a problem with the security system or if it is operating properly. When the key is not in the ignition lock or accessory position and the security indicator light is flashing, the alarm and immobilizer systems are likely operational.

The security light should momentarily brighten and then turn off when the car is started with the key in the “run” position. This is known as the bulb check and is typical for all Nissans.

Additionally, if the security indicator light is on all the time and the key is in the start position, there can be an issue with the system. The initial course of action in this situation is to try a different key to determine if it starts the car, reveals a problem with the other key, or indicates a key-related issue with the system.

If the light is on continuously and you are still having trouble starting the car, the system is broken and needs to be looked at by a mechanic.

How Do You Start a Car When the Security Light Is On?

Your car is intended to be protected from theft and vandalism by the anti-theft system. When something suspicious occurs, an electrical circuit that controls it shuts down. It disrupts the power supply, preventing your car from starting.

Undoubtedly, even with the security light on, you can start your car.

  • Resetting the computer system

For a few minutes, unplug the battery’s positive connector. Before attaching the anode and cathode terminals, make sure they are firmly connected. The computer system will be reset, and your automobile might start.

  • When inside the vehicle,

Turn the ignition slightly to your right after inserting the key if the anti-theft system light is on and you have access to the vehicle’s interior. Hold it in place for five minutes or so. The likelihood is that it will start the car and switch off the light.

  • When outside the vehicle.

To unlock the door, insert your car key into the slot on the driver’s side and keep it there for a few seconds after turning the key. Once the car is unlocked, start the engine and let it idle for at least 10 minutes to give the alarm a chance to reset.

  • Evaluate the battery.

When your automobile won’t start, you should always check the battery. The battery can be low or dead and needs to be charged. In that situation, the car’s computer won’t be able to read the key fob’s security code. Check the connections to the batteries. If all goes well, try to jumpstart it.

How Do I Get My Nissan Out of Theft Mode?

The anti-theft system, like every other automobile system, is susceptible to failure if your key’s immobilizer chip is destroyed, your remote’s battery dies, and your car’s battery dies, your car door lock malfunctions, and so on.

Ways to manually turn off the alarm system

1. Verify the Key and Cylinder.

  • Verify the battery in your key fob.

Since your Nissan cannot detect the presence of your key fob while it is dead, the anti-theft system frequently activates in this situation.

Your fob may occasionally not be dead, nor is the battery, but the battery may not be properly placed.

  • Examine the door lock cylinder

The anti-theft system may have been activated if your automobile was damaged during an attempted break-in or theft. Criminals are known to use screwdrivers to unlock doors, so check to see if the lock cylinder and the area under the door handle are damaged.

If the lock is broken, the anti-theft mechanism can be disabled using the cylinder on the passenger side. 

  • Use the correct key.

Many cars have valet door keys that just unlock your door, which may seem absurd. While valet keys can open your door, they lack a chip and cannot start your vehicle.

2. Start the Engine.

If the engine has been locked up by the anti-theft system, you won’t be able to start the vehicle.

Here are a few steps to take in order to turn the system off.

  • Verify the anti-theft light.

The anti-theft system has been activated, as indicated by a dash light on the majority of contemporary Nissans. The anti-theft system’s icon resembles both an automobile and a lock combination. This light will be on and flashing when your car’s anti-theft system is engaged.

  • Activate the ignition.

With your car key in the ignition, just turn on the accessories, the engine won’t start.

  • Run a secondary inspection on the theft-deterrent light.

Turn the key to the off position and let your car sit for a few minutes if it has stopped blinking. Otherwise, your car won’t start. This enables the system to completely reset itself.

  • Try fully starting the automobile.

Reset the ignition with your key and fully turn the engine on. Check to see whether the problem is not a dead battery if your car still won’t start. If you’re still unsure of the issue, think about calling a locksmith.

  • Repeat this procedure.

See if repeating these actions will solve the problem.

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Why is the security light flashing on my vehicle?

This light, which blinks to signal that the vehicle’s security system is engaged, is known as the security indicator light. The security indicator light will blink continuously while the automobile is locked and turned off. It will start immediately after the key is withdrawn from the ignition and the engine is turned off.

How Long does a car’s security light remain on?

Typically, the light from your motion detector should only remain on for 20–30 seconds after it has been activated. But you may change the parameters to have it run for longer.

Final Thoughts

It is crucial to understand your security indicators, as sometimes it might signify that your car has some malfunction. You can easily solve the issues with the anti-theft system by yourself, however, if you experience the same issue on a daily basis or have a security light indicator that won’t go off, consult your auto mechanic for a proper diagnosis.

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