Nissan Titan Car Door Won’t Open From Inside and Outside – Causes and Solutions

One of the unfortunate events that can happen to any driver is being locked out of their car, whether from the inside or the outside. Besides putting the driver at risk, this occurrence often means that you have to dig into your pockets to fix it. 

For the Nissan Titan, this is likely to happen because of a broken lock, a damaged door, or depending on the model, a deadlock. Different measures should be taken for each cause. More often, a locksmith will suffice but in the case of a damaged door, a mechanic will be of much help. 

This article focuses on diagnosing and fixing the issue that causes you to be locked outside and inside your car. 

Nissan Titan Car Door Won’t Open From Inside and Outside – Causes and Solutions

nissan titan car door won’t open from inside and outside

Usually, there are several reasons that cause your car door not to open from the inside and outside as outlined below. 



Generally, deadlock is a standard feature installed in some cars that can cause the car doors not to open from the inside and outside. This issue can be easily solved if your key works.

However, if you happen to have locked the keys inside the car, this presents a problem. This kind of car lockout is much worse compared to the traditional lockout. 

This feature comes factory-installed for car brands such as BMW and Volvo. It is designed to serve more as a security feature and has been in use for several years now. All updates in the technology are aimed at ensuring that the door will not open from the inside or outside.

The car remote comes with several buttons that activate this feature, but sometimes it is automatically activated. 


If you have your car keys with you, it is much easier. Fully operational keys will get you back into your car in no time. The keys easily open the deadlocking feature. This also shows the importance of having your spare keys nearby. You can always call a friend or a family friend to get the keys for you. In truth, there is no universal fix for deadlock, at least not for the average person.

If you have lost your keys, this can be a very troubling experience. It would be best to get a professional locksmith to help you out. Deadlocks are considered to be among the very complicated lockouts.

A locksmith will be able to navigate the deadlock specific to your car model. The cost will be much higher to unlock your door since it will require greater technical know-how on the part of the technician. Do not make any hasty and irrational measures such as breaking your window as this will do you no good. 

Broken Lock 


A broken lock could present a case of similar complexity as a deadlocked car. However, unlike deadlocking, this is likely to be a similar lock behaving this way. Sometimes, this issue disguises itself as the key not working.

However, if you are unable to open the door from both the inside and outside, it shows a case of a broken lock. It may not be the worst thing to happen to your door lock, but do not postpone fixing the door another day. Using a car that is likely to lock you inside and outside easily puts you at risk. These broken locks are usually a result of poorly manufactured parts. 


If you have your keys, you can open other doors that do not have an issue with their lock to get inside. With some access, you will be able to address the broken lock issue. However, this is not something that you should be doing by yourself.

Often, all that is required is purchasing replacement parts to fix the lock. If you have to do it by yourself, ensure you carefully take the door apart and check all connections to try and diagnose the problem. If you do not have your keys, you may have to employ other means to get into the car and then replace the lock once inside. 

Door Damage


This often happens post-accident. The damaged door does not open at all. This is often a bodywork issue since the car is not deadlocking and the locks are in working condition.

If you try opening the door using conventional methods and notice the locks are working, it becomes clear that the issue is with the door itself. 


When this happens, it does not matter whether you have a key or not. It is likely that you will have to replace the door entirely, and hopefully, this does not include the door frame. This process is often expensive since it is a matter of structural damage.

Usually, in such a case, a locksmith will not help you as much. A mechanic may be your best bet to do the bodywork. Ensure enough caution is taken during this process. 


Various factors affect the overall car door replacement costs. This ranges between purchasing the car door shell which averagely costs between $200 and $1500, the labor, and interior door parts. This sum up to about $500 to $2500 for the total car door replacement. 

Your car door not opening from the inside does not necessarily mean that the lock is broken. Other causes that may be responsible for that include child locks, freezing, and rust which do not mean that the lock is broken.

You can try all the available methods to unlock your door including handles, switches, and the unlock button on the remote. If all else fails, you can try exiting through a different and attempt to open the door in question from the outside. Further steps may be needed is this is unsuccessful. 

Final Thoughts

In most cases, when your car door does not open from the inside and outside, a locksmith will be your best bet. In worst-case scenarios, you may need the help of a mechanic.

If you are unsure of the cause and solution, do not endanger the car further by attempting random solutions. It will be advisable to contact a locksmith.

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