How to Open Impala Trunk Without a Key? – Easiest Way

If you lose your Chevy key, accessing your trunk is usually out of question. However, not to worry– it is possible to unlock it even without the key. 

The first option is to call a locksmith. The locksmith will help make you a new key so you can access the inside of your car and open the trunk. If that is not possible, you can manually slim jim your car. This requires patience to do so successfully. You can also use a clothes hanger or a fishing line to open the door.

This article goes through the various methods you can adopt to open your Impala trunk without a key. 

How to Open Impala Trunk Without a Key

Even without a key, it is possible to manually open your car trunk. This can be done using the trunk release button inside the cabin—that is if your car is unlocked.

However, if you lost your car keys, the best option is to use a slim Jim tool or to call a locksmith. A slim Jim tool can be purchased in aftermarket auto parts stores and using one is not rocket science. 

You are required to stick the hook down between the window and the trim and then try to feel around for a rod. Once you find the rod, use the hook to lift the rod. This opens your door. From there, you can slide into the driver’s seat and locate the trunk release lever. You can push or pull the button or lever to unlock your trunk. 

How Do You Unlock a Chevy Impala Without a Key?

Car owners love the idea of fancy key fobs, remote-unlock sensors, and touchpads, but these do not guarantee that you won’t be locked out of your vehicle.

This means that you can easily ‘accidentally’ lock yourself out of your Chevy Impala. Getting your keys out of a locked vehicle will take a lot of patience and some bit of practice—it is possible all the same. 

Use the App

For Chevy owners, depending on the make and model, you can make use of the myChevrolet app to unlock your car. Most of the new car models have integrated technology in a mobile app to allow car owners to remotely unlock their cars.

The myChevrolet app will act as a remote key fob and can come in handy if you lock your keys inside. Ensure that you have signed up and paired your vehicle with the account. 

Use a String or Fishing Line

If your Chevy car model comes with manual locks, you can use a fishing line, a shoestring, or twine. With any of these in hand, you can make a loop in the middle of the string and then insert it into the door opening. Then, hook this loop into the locking mechanism and pull up. This should unlock the door. 

Unlock With a Wire Clothes Hanger

You can make use of a wire hanger to unlock your door through the power lock/unlock button. With the hanger straightened out, insert it into the door frame seal. Gently fiddle with it until the metal hanger slides in and then guide it to the unlock button. 

How Do You Open a Trunk With a Screwdriver?

If your trunk latch happens to get jammed or crashed for one reason or the other, a flathead screwdriver will solve your problem. It is commonly used to open the trunk from inside the car. It is also possible to open from the outside, but it is not as effective. 

If your car is locked, you will first have to open the car door with the screwdriver. If successful, get into the car and collapse the front seats, pushing them as forward as possible.

Then, remove the backseats. They are usually fitted with a bolt-on on one of the two sides. Then you can crawl inside the trunk and locate the metal bar. This bar is horizontal and is located near the loc of the trunk.

On the metal bar, you will notice a box. You can access it using the screwdriver and turn it clockwise. This opens the box and by extension, opens the trunk. Your work is done!

Do All Impalas Have Trunk Keyholes?

The Chevy Impala does not come with a lock cylinder for the trunk. To open the trunk lid, you will have to press the trunk release button on your RKE transmitter or lower the rear seat and pull the emergency trunk release handle in the trunk.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Chevy Impala Key?

Replacing your Chevy Impala key may cost you something close to $130 to $210. This cost depends on several factors. The factors include the type of key that you need, the year and make of your car, where you are getting the replacement, whether you have an original ignition, and the time of day and location. 

How Do I Get a Replacement Key for My Chevrolet?

Anytime you need a replacement key, you can contact your car dealer or a locksmith to make you one. If you lose your key fob remote, you can get another from a car dealer shop. 


For Impala models from 2006 to 2016, there is a silver-grey loop that is located near the shoulder area of the rear seat on the driver’s side. Pulling this tab forward and up will cause the seat to partially collapse and this reveals a hatch to access the trunk. 

No, there is no manual trunk release in the cabin. There is only an emergency release handle located in the trunk itself.

The possibility of getting a key replacement using your VIN will depend on the year of manufacture of your car and the type of key. The VIN is used to access the key code on file. However, if your car is older than 10 years, the Chevrolet dealers no longer have the key code record. A locksmith will be your only option. 

Final Thoughts

You need not worry if your keys are locked inside your Chevy Impala. There are different ways to unlock your door and access your trunk.

Also, if you feel like you are prone to bad luck or would not like the hassle that comes with car mishaps, you can always get a roadside assistance membership from the different companies that offer it. This will ensure that you always get the roadside assistance that you need and when you need it. 

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