How Many Quarts of Oil Does a DD15 Take?

The industry today needs responsive engines that are powerful with excellent fuel efficiency. The DD15 offers that and much more. It is a heavy-duty engine that adopts high-grade technology and does not compromise efficiency and performance. 

The DD15 is an outstanding engine. It has a robust construction with four valves per cylinder (of six cylinders). You can count on this engine for an efficient fuel injection system. The total engine capacity in quarts is 47 quarts. You can check the oil level using a dipstick or an oil level sensor that is linked to the motor control module. 

This article expounds on the DD15 engine including engine capacity and other specifications. 

How Many Quarts of Oil Does a DD15 Engine Take?

how many quarts of oil does a DD15 take

Diesel Detroit DD15 is one of the best inventions in the motor industry. You can count on it to deliver powerful performance without compromising fuel consumption. The total engine capacity of the DD15 is 47 quarts.

The reduced oil consumption as well as the reduced blow-by losses are thanks to the engine’s rigid pistons and crankcase. In the long run, this engine reduces costs and improves environmental compatibility. 

How Much Oil Does a DD15 Detroit Take?

With its optimized fuel consumption rate, the DD15 only takes 43l worth of oil. It employs the latest technology that helps improve its fuel efficiency. With this engine, you get to enjoy great power, quiet operation, unrivaled torque, and more—all with reduced fuel consumption.

How Long Does a Detroit DD15 Last?

The Detroit DD15 engine is one of the best-selling engines that deliver to expectations. Among its great attributes is its unmatched durability. It has a B50 life for 1 million miles which are currently leading in the industry.

Moreover, it is conveniently quiet making it pleasurable to drive. This engine utilizes the latest technology such as the sixth engine control system (DDEC VI) which takes this engine’s innovation to an unparalleled level. 

What Makes Engine DD15 So Good?

Upon its groundbreaking debut, the DD15 engine had a lot to offer. This new heavy-duty Detroit Diesel DD15 engine is designed to displace 14.8 liters, with an in-line design, and is a 6-cylinder. And that is not all.

This engine is designed to deliver superlative performance featuring best-in-class fuel consumption and industry-leading power. This is achieved by an integrated Amplified Common Rail System combined with the innovative turbo compounding technology that gives this engine outstanding abilities. 

DD15 engine features a durable and robust cast-iron crankcase. The crankcase comes with vertical and horizontal ribs that offer great rigidity and the cherry on top is reduced noise. It is an embodiment of the Detroit Diesel brand’s efficiency and performance. 

The DD15 engine was specially designed to withstand the rigors of North American roads with output and torque variants from 455hp to 560hp and 1550 to 1850lb/ft. It was designed with customers’ maintenance costs, fuel consumption, responsiveness, environmental sensitivity, and pulling power in mind. 

Besides that, the engine is equipped with both a particulate filter and an exhaust gas recirculation that contributes to reduced emissions. It, therefore, complies with the EPA emissions regulations and even exceeds their standards with the Selective Catalytic Reduction device which optimizes fuel efficiency and at the same time reduces harmful NOx emissions.

How Often Do You Change the Oil on Your DD13?

The DD13 boasts of offering optimized fuel consumption. This engine can go for up to 50,000 miles before you can replace the oil filter, fuel filter, and oil drain. This is on the long haul for an engine in its class—it is the longest you should take before you schedule it for maintenance. The recommendation (based on Detroit’s oil analysis program) is to change the oil and filter every 35000 miles. 

What Is the Difference Between DD13 and DD15? 

Among Detroit’s best-selling, reliable, and fuel-efficient engines are the DD13 and DD15. The DD13 is basically a smaller version of the popular DD15. It is capable of displacing 12.8 liters (compared to 14.6l of DD15) and also features a 6-cylinder in-line configuration. The DD13 also offers great fuel economy alongside robust performance. 


The Detroit engines (DD13, DD15, and DD16) use FA-4 engine oil to factory-fill this heavy-duty line of engines. Before, these engines were factory-filled using CJ-4 engine oil. 

The DD13 is an exemplary engine. It boasts consistent horsepower and easy serviceability. Moreover, you can count on it to offer outstanding fuel economy and superb performance. It is also durable with a B50 life of 1 million miles. The incorporated cooling system fitted with shorter fan-on times works to increase fuel efficiency.

The DD15 heavy-duty engine was first designed in North America in 2008. Japan got the engine in 2009, and it got to Europe in 2010. 

Final Thoughts

The DD15 engine is industry-leading in terms of torque response. Moreover, it was specially designed to offer clean and efficient fuel combustion. It is renowned for its quiet, refined operation with low fuel consumption. 

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