How Do You Reprogram a Nissan Key Fob Push-Start – An Ultimate Expert Guide

The majority of car owners choose to use sophisticated key fobs that are readily accessible since they are easy to use and allow you to lock or unlock your car and start the engine with the touch of a button. This eliminates the need for carrying and fiddling with car keys all the time.

Nowadays, the majority of Nissan automobiles come with key fobs that are easy to use and carry around because of their tiny size. They have the added benefit of being a package that includes everything you need to lock and unlock your car, start the engine, and open the trunk with a single button click.

More information on how to reprogram a Nissan key fob push start can be found in this article.

How Do You Reprogram a Nissan Key Fob Push-Start?

how do you reprogram a Nissan key fob push start

The key fob is one of the most important components of any car, as any Nissan vehicle owner is aware. It is a little gadget that comes with your Nissan that enables you to start your car’s engine while you are far away from it, as well as lock and unlocks your car from a distance.

The key fob in a new Nissan should already be programmed and ready to use, but if you want to be certain, you can reprogram it by following the instructions below:

  • Sit in the driver’s seat, close the door behind you, and make sure all the windows are closed and all the doors are secured.
  • While you are grasping the key fob. Hold the key fob in one hand and the car’s start button in the other.
  •  After that, rapidly depress the start button 15 times, waiting no more than two seconds between each press. Keep your foot off the brake as you do this.
  • After the fifteenth button press, press the lock button on your key fob. If the reprogramming was successful, the car doors will lock and the keyless entry fob will be fully functional.
  • If it didn’t work out the first time, try it again while keeping the timing in mind.

Will a Dead 12-Volt Car Battery Cause the Key Fob to Not Work?

It’s possible that the battery was not placed properly if your fob unexpectedly stops functioning after you change the battery. When changing a battery, it is important to always follow the instructions in the owner’s manual, since if you don’t have the manual, you might not do it correctly.

An issue with one of the electronic components inside the key fob itself is another possibility. If the battery has just recently been changed, this is less likely, but it is still conceivable.

What Happens if My Key Fob Dies While I’m Driving?

In essence, nothing will happen if your key fob dies while you are driving. All of your vehicle’s electronic functions will continue to function, and your engine will continue to run as usual.

The key fob, however, cannot be used to lock or unlock your doors, access the trunk, or activate the alarm. Nevertheless, you’ll be able to start and operate the vehicle normally.

How Long Does the Nissan Key Fob Battery Last?

The batteries in Nissan key fobs are meant to last for three to four years. However, your battery life cycle might depend on how frequently you use your fob. It’s time for a battery change if your Nissan key fob feels sluggish or does not function as effectively as it once did.

Can I Drive With a Low-Battery Key Fob?

In the event that your key fob has a low battery, you will still be able to drive your automobile. Nevertheless, you won’t be able to use some of the key fob’s capabilities.

For instance, you won’t be able to use the remote start on your car. Additionally, you might not be able to remotely lock or unlock your doors. You might not even be able to open the trunk in some circumstances.


The battery contact terminals or buttons themselves are among the most frequent sources of issues. It’s also possible that all that’s required to get the key fob to work with the car is a simple reprogramming. Your remote key fob needs to be attached to a receiver in your car in order for it to function properly.

Close the key fob after inserting the mechanical key once more. To start the vehicle, press the key fob. Press the key fob against the button instead of pressing it with your finger as normal. There is no doubt that many manufacturers utilize this backup technology to make sure the car can start even if the key fob is dead.

When a transponder car key’s microchip is recognized by the car’s onboard computers, the automobile can be unlocked and started, which is always the case when the key’s unique code cannot be read. Reprogramming the automobile key is necessary when this occurs.


Depending on your car, reprogramming your Nissan key fob push-start may be extremely simple. Most of the time, you can handle it yourself without having to pay a professional mechanic or a dealership. However, you may always contact the dealership or your trusted mechanic if you run into problems with your key fob.

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