How Do You Start a Toyota C-HR With a Key?

The Toyota CHR model is one of Toyota’s hybrid vehicles with a unique design. It is feature-packed to make it convenient for many drivers, starting with its mode of starting the engine. 

It is a push-button start vehicle. This means you do not need a key to start it. You are only required to apply the brake, push the button, and your vehicle with starts. Usually, most people are confused by the quietness of the engine, but it is as simple as that. Also, this car model can be started using a remote. 

This article explains more about how to start the Toyota C-HR and what to do in different scenarios. 

How Do I Manually Start My Toyota C-HR? 

start a Toyota C-HR with a key

The Toyota C-HR can either be remotely started or manually started using the push-button. It is an easy and convenient process that only requires you to apply the brakes and push the button—your vehicle will be ready to go.

How Do I Remote Start My CHR?

The CHR can be conveniently remote-controlled. The remote start kit can be easily installed between 15 minutes and 1 hour. To activate the remote engine starter, you have to press the lock button thrice on the factory remote fob.

If successful, the parking lights will flash and then your vehicle will start. The parking lights will remain on for as long as the vehicle is running and the engine will run for the pre-set time. Pressing the lock button thrice again shuts the vehicle.

How Much Is a New Key for Toyota C-HR?

Unfortunate scenarios such as losing your key fob or having a damaged one happen when you least expect it. If that is the case, you will need to replace it with a new one, preferably from a Toyota dealership.

To replace a Toyota CHR key fob, it will cost you anywhere from $200 to $350. This high price tag is for a good reason since getting a total key fob replacement is a whole process. The process involves cutting the new key and programming the electronics to your vehicle. 

On the other hand, if you have only lost the key or it is a case of a damaged key fob casing and not the electronics, your can get your new key replacement at a cheaper price. You can order one from the Toyota parts centre. 

Can You Change the Ignition Key on Toyota?

Yes, it is possible to change your Toyota ignition key. Losing one’s keys can be a terrifying experience, but you need not worry. There are several options to choose from. For one, you can contact a locksmith to fix a key on the spot that matches your ignition switch. Locksmiths are not cheap though—this may cost you around $50 to $200. The price could be more if they have to travel from far to get to you.

Moreover, these skilled professionals are not easily available. You may have to schedule the repair for later. If you choose to go the emergency locksmith route, you will dig deeper into your wallet. Also, this option may not work for older cars. 

Another option is to go to a dealer shop to get a replacement, preferably where you purchased your car. You can also visit an autobody shop and get a replacement key from there.

However, the price is never constant and is likely to depend on the relationship you have with the business. For instance, you are likely to get the replacement at a lower cost if you go to where you purchased the vehicle. Some autobody shops offer discounts as well. 

What to Do if Your Toyota Key Fob Battery Is Dead?

Generally, if you drive around and constantly use your Toyota key fob to lock and unlock your doors for access, the battery eventually drains. This usually indicates a battery replacement will be required soon. Thankfully, when the Toyota key battery fob is dead, you can easily replace it at an affordable price. 

The key fob should be opened so you can tell which battery is needed. For your Toyota key replacement or key fob replacement needs, you can contact any service centre. 

How Do You Fix a Broken Toyota Key Fob?

You have two options if your key fob is broken. If it is your key that is broken, the only solution is to get a Toyota key replacement. You should go to a Toyota dealership where certified technicians will cut you a new key such that you can still use your current key fob.

However, if the key fob case is broken, you can order a replacement case as long as the electronics are still intact. But if the key fob has physical damage or has water inside, you will require a replacement.


This will depend on your insurance coverage. In most cases, lost key fobs and lost car keys are covered by the policy. However, this will depend on the specific policy. Also, if you believe the keys were stolen, you need to first report to the police. The report number will be required at the insurance company.

The best thing for your old key fob is to recycle it. There are several reputable companies such as We Buy Key Fobs that can take the fobs and recycle them. 

Final Thoughts

The Toyota C-HR is a reliable car with great outstanding specifications. Starting it is a breeze, both manually and using the remote. In case of any issues regarding the same, hopefully, this article will be of help.

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