Why Is My Toyota Highlander Beeping While Driving?

Toyota Highlander is one of the sorts after SUVs in the Toyota market, and it’s one of the best-selling cars in the market.

Generally, you could be driving your highlander when suddenly it starts beeping, this could be so frustrating and confusing at the same time. A highlander just like any other car packed with technology has its share of problems ranging from beeping to noises, and chimes. These problems can be easily corrected by you or you can contact an authorized mechanic.

This article explains more about the causes of a highlander beeping while driving and the solutions to the problems.

Why Is My Toyota Highlander Beeping While Driving?

my Toyota highlander beeping while driving

Among the many Toyotas produced, the highlander is one of the best-selling family cars in the market. However, the highlander being one of the best SUVs in the market, it got its challenges just like any other car that is full of technology.

 One of the common causes of beeping includes faulty seatbelt sensors, open doors, dash cameras, low battery, and defective door latches. These problems are further explained in this article.

Dash Camera

Toyota factory installed a dashcam that beeps on startup. It won’t show any warning lights on the dashboard but will be flashing on the rearview mirror. This happens when the micro SD card is not properly inserted into the camera. This can be stopped by pressing the card into the dashcam.

Loose Connection, Seatbelt Sensors

A bad electrical connection can cause beeping. However, you can always control this by checking underneath every seat in the vehicle and then pressing the plastic wire connectors tightly together. It is advisable to do the same at the back of the glove box.

Seatbelt Alarm and Weight on the Seat

The seatbelt alarm is mostly known for its irritating beeps. However, there might be a faulty sensor that is not recognized even if your seat belt is fastened.

 There could be groceries or a bag on the passenger’s seat that triggers the alarm. Try to fasten the seatbelt to do away with the alarm.

Faulty Latches

Often, latches may be stuck or fail to engage and as a result, the alarm will be triggered. This is common in all vehicles and you may need to lubricate your latches with a WD-40. If this doesn’t work, you may also need to replace the latch.

Open Door

The most common cause of beeping while driving is an open door or door. So if you hear the beeping sound as you start driving, check on your dashboard for an open door indication.

If you don’t see any, you are advised to park your car and check the doors and ensure not to forget the trunk and the fuel door.

Blind Spot Monitor (BSM)

Blind spot monitors can be helpful in some cases; they can also be such a disturbance if not turned off while driving. In some instances, the BSM may make the car brake or steer itself away from an object or other vehicle.

It’s a good thing but again can be dangerous if it happens unexpectedly and might make you lose control of the steering wheel. To avoid this from happening, ensure that all BSM are turned off before you start driving.

Faulty Switches

Sometimes a faulty ignition switch or headlight switch could be the cause of your highlander beeping.

Having the headlights on or the key being in the ignition might cause the beeping of the car. This would mean that one of the switches may be faulty. This would require you to park by the roadside to ascertain what the problem is or drive to the next station for a thorough examination.

Low Fuel

The highlander is basically equipped with a low fuel gauge that is designed to alert the driver when the tank is running low. This always happens when the fuel level is almost one gallon, which is only enough to take you a few miles.

In case this happens, you shouldn’t overlook it. It’s just trying to remind you that it’s time to top up your fuel tank.


This is a security feature, which functions whenever someone tries opening it without a remote, the car will beep three times to warn you of the presence of something or someone around your car.

As a highlander owner, you might have noticed that your car doesn’t beep when locked. This is because Toyota did away with the beeping feature in the 2019 model. Some car owners appreciate the fact that it was removed because it’s annoying to them, while some are missing it.

The highlander has always received above-average scores on all major reliability ratings. It has been ranked as the seventh out of 26 SUVs.  Its annual repair cost is only $489 which is lower than the average cost of repairing other vehicles which is $573. Its cost of maintenance is reliably friendly.

Also, the best years to search for a highlander are 2020 and 2004; they have a great reliability history.

Final Thoughts

In case you are experiencing this annoying and disturbing beeping sound, it is essential to determine the cause immediately.

Mostly it’s something simple you can adjust yourself. It is always advisable to consult your mechanic if the beeping keeps recurring and to ensure that your car is in good condition at all times.

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