Toyota JBL Sound System Problems – Problems & Easy Solutions

Almost every Toyota in front of you or behind you is equipped with a JBL sound system.

The JBL system is fine-tuned to supplement Toyota vehicles. They have personalized their sound know-how centered on the vehicle. They normally use fewer speakers for small cars and superior cars require more speakers.

JBL is a world-class high-quality system that is packed with technology and comes with various speakers to high-powered amplifiers. JBL always meets the needs of the drivers with the kind of features they are packed with. 

This article will explore more about Toyota JBL sound system problems.

Toyota JBL Sound System Problems

JBL sound system is a high-quality sound system that is always equipped with exceptional features to serve you with noble music in your car. However, just like any other car stereo, it can come with some glitches. The most common audio glitches include old age, unsuitable fitting, or incompatible gears. Some of the common JBL problems and solutions are discussed below.

A Sudden Sound Cut Off

This happens when your JBL amplifier is overheating due to playing music at a high volume for a long period. Also, a sound cut can be caused by an unfastened wire in the speakers.


For JBL amplifiers to function well without overheating, always make sure that there is sufficient airflow where they are mounted. Also, check on the speaker wires to ensure proper connection

No Bass From the Speakers

Generally, this occurs when you are upgrading your car sound system or when you are repairing them. Bass is produced when your speaker pushes in the air at the same time; there will be no bass if one speaker pushes air and the other pulls in air.


Ideally, check whether the speaker wires are properly linked to the stereo amp and head unit. The positive (+) terminal of the speaker should be linked to the positive terminal of any other piece, same applies to the negative (-) terminal.

Alternatively, if the problem keeps recurring, you might have to upgrade your head unit or install an external amplifier.

The Newly Installed Head Unit Has No Power

The most possible problem with your head unit might be that it does not get the necessary 12v or your amplifier switched to protective mode due to too much power produced by the alternator or your battery cannot supply enough voltage to the audio system.


 Consider using a voltmeter to conclude if the head unit is receiving the essential 12v from the power wire. If the power wire is failing you can change it, also look out for blown fuses and replace them. Finally, check on the battery if it needs a water refill.

Static Noise

Static noise is a full spectrum with distinct and definite patterns in your JBL sound system and could be caused by many issues like old speakers, worn-out speakers, old spark plug wires, poor grounding, or the alternator.


To avoid the annoying static noise, you will be required to replace or upgrade your speakers, upgrade the alternator or replace the spark plug wires to rectify this problem.

The Car Radio is Not Working

Wiring is always the main issue affecting your radio. The radio is linked to your power stations and speakers through wires mostly located beneath the dashboard. They also use fuses that prevent destruction due to high power. In case the fuse is blown the radio won’t turn on, another problem could be poor grounding.


First ensure that your sound system power is off, then using a multi metre confirm if your fuse is gusted by touching the metal caps of the fuse and see if the reading is documented. In case a reading is documented that would mean your fuse is not gusted but if there is no reading, your fuse is gusted.

Similarly, check for wiring hitches and issues with ground connections. If the ground connection is unfastened or oxidized, it has to be replaced for the radio to work.

JBL Sound System Not Powering On

Sometimes, your JBL might fail to power on, this could be due to poor power cable connections, the power cable is not firmly connected in place or the fuse might be gusted.


First, verify the power cord is properly plugged in and secured. If installed and correctly secured, consider checking its transmission current with a multimeter.  

Secondly, look at the fuse if it’s gusted by using a multi-meter to see if it’s working or not. If you find it gusted, you should replace it with a new one.


Is Jbl as Good as Bose?

JBL speakers come with subwoofers, and the bass effect is better than Bose speakers, on top of that the JBL speakers are also larger than bose speakers and their radiators have higher vibration levels to emit better and deeper bass tones.

Is JBL of High Quality?

JBL is considered one of the oldest sound systems. They are the undeniable kings of Bluetooth speakers, for the mass market. JBL speakers have a steady level of quality with a waterproofing solid feature and steadfast performance.

Do JBL Car Speakers Have Good Bass?

Probably yes, JBL club6520 are some of the best bass car speakers that have exceptional bass and generally very good sound quality. These speakers have a high-sensitivity design and are made from quality components for enhanced durability.


Getting to understand your sound system would save you a lot of money and time, in that you can fix most of these problems on your own without involving a mechanic. For blown parts consider replacing them in time to avoid replacing the entire sound system. Always go for genuine parts that are suitable for your car.

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