Toyota RAV4 Remote Key Not Working & How to Fix Them

It is always advisable to test your key fob to ensure that it is working properly. 

The Toyota RAV4 may fail to work due to several reasons. For one, it could be that the key fob is damaged and so needs replacement. The battery could be depleted as well or your subscription to Toyota’s Remote Connect has expired. Often, the issues can be easily solved. 

This article goes through some of the reasons why the Toyota rav4 remote key not working and how you can fix the issue. 

Toyota RAV4 Remote Key Not Working – How to Fix Them

toyota rav4 remote key not working

The remote key fob is now the new go-to technology that is used to access vehicles. It is also referred to as a wireless remote or electronic key. Besides the physical key, the key fob is more convenient because you can use it remotely. 

However, there are some instances that the key fob may stop working. There are several reasons that can be attributed to this. If you notice that your vehicle does not respond to any action on the key fob, you can try opening the case and readjusting the battery.

Also, ensure that all connections are clean and have come in contact with the battery as they should. If the problem persists, you may have to reprogram your key fob. Below are some reasons why the Toyota RAV4 key fob may not be working. 

Expiration of the Remote Connect Service

For Toyota RAV4 owners, many of the features on the remote key fob are activated by a paid subscription referred to as Remote Connect.

Once you purchase your vehicle, you get to enjoy a one-year free subscription to the service. This package offers features such as remote engine start, remote engine stop, remote control doors, windows, horns, and emergency lights. 

Since these features are tied to the key fob, if your subscription expires, your key fob will stop working as well. So, if you notice you are unable to remote start or stop the engine with the key fob, it could be because of the expired subscription. 


You will have to renew the subscription to enjoy the features– there is no other way around this. Toyota charges $8 per month or $80 for 12 months to enjoy Remote Connect. Once you subscribe, your key fob will work again. 

Depleted Key Fob Battery

The Toyota RAV4 key fob battery is designed to last between 2 to 3 years. This duration varies depending on the use. Therefore, if the key fob battery is dead, you will not be able to lock, unlock, or start your vehicle.

If you have been using the key fob for some time, you will be able to tell when the battery is depleted. As the battery life cycle is coming to an end, the operational range reduces significantly.


If you notice a reduced operational range with time, and then the key fob fails to work entirely, it could mean that the battery is depleted. To solve this, you have to change the key fob battery. 

Check the Other Key

All Toyota RAV4 cars come with two key fobs. If one of them is not working, try using the other one. If only one of them is not working, the problem is specific to that key. However, if both are not working, the issue could lie somewhere else such as the ECU. 


Check the ECU ACC fuse. Open the fuse box located under the steering wheel. If you notice the fuse is blown, replace it with another of similar amperage. The key fob will start working shortly after replacement.

Damaged Key Fob 

With repeated use, the key fob can also get damaged. If the button does not make contact inside the circuit, it won’t work. 


The only option is to purchase a new key fob from a Toyota dealer and have it reprogrammed. 

The 12v Battery Is Dead

You can also check whether the 12V onboard battery is depleted. If so, or it has a low voltage, the key fob is not likely to work correctly. The 12V battery will not be able to power the necessary electronic features. 


Batteries with low voltage do weird things. If your battery is older than 36 months, and you are experiencing issues starting the vehicle, replace the battery. Low-voltage batteries tend to corrupt onboard computers.

Furthermore, the battery terminals oxidize over time and thus fail to produce the required power for your RAV4’s electronics. Once you change or clean the battery, the key fob should be back in working condition. 


The key fob does not need reprogramming after changing the battery. Reprogramming is only necessary if the onboard vehicle’s computer got a hard reset. For instance, if the 12V battery has been dead for a long time and all memory was erased. 

If that is the case, you can try opening the key again and checking the battery contacts. If they are loose or flat, use a screwdriver to bend the terminals. 

Replacing your Toyota RAV4 key can cost between $140 to $250. This price varies depending on several factors. These factors include the year your car model was made and the type of key you had. 

If your key fob battery dies, you need not worry. There is usually a mechanical car key inside most of the key fobs. You can access this by locating the small sliding button on the back side of the key fob. Then, slide this button to remove the key fob cover to access it. With that, you will be good to go.

Final Thoughts

The Toyota RAV4 key fob may sometimes fail to work due to the reasons outlined above. Hopefully, the solutions will help you know what to do. It should not be a cause for alarm since you can easily fix it. 

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