Toyota RAV4 Wheel Lock Key Location – Where Is Wheel Lock Key Located?

Owning a car is an exciting experience, the thrill of driving a swift and comfortable model. However, sometimes it has some shortcomings such as theft of the tires and rims.

Toyota rav4 just like other cars has integrated anti-theft features, like the steering wheel lock. Due to insecurity reasons, car owners prefer their cars installed with wheel locks to protect their car tires, wheels, and rims from being stolen. Wheel lock wrenches usually come in one set and can be found with the spare wheel in a separate box or in the glove box. 

This article explores more Toyota Rav4 wheel lock key locations.

Toyota RAV4 Wheel Lock Key Location – Find it out

Wheel locks can be installed by the dealer or by the manufacturer. For rav4 models they come with built-in anti-theft devices, one of them is the steering wheel.

You can use your steering wheel to lock your tires; however, you can contact your dealer to install the wheel locks in your car if you are concerned about your tire, wheel, and rims’ safety.

Usually, the wheel lock wrench is always kept with the spare tire in a different box or in the glove box. Once you’ve found your key always carry it with you for precautionary measures or in case of emergencies.

What Is a Wheel Lock Key?

Wheel lock keys are specially designed nuts for tires that have deep bushings to reduce the risks of wheel theft. They normally function like regular lug nuts except, wheel lock keys are required to remove them. Additionally, spare wheel lock keys are distinctive sockets that fit your wheel lock’s special pattern, without them, you cannot remove your tires, rims, and wheels.

What Does a Wheel Lock Key Look Like?

Usually, the keys have two extremities one that is cylinder-shaped and one which is hexagonal. Yet they all have a similar look, locking wheel nut keys come in diverse sizes and patterns, hence each key is distinctive to ensure the security of the rims and tires.

What Do You Do if You Lose Your Wheel Lock Key?

Definitely, you can replace your wheel lock key. You can easily do this in the comfort of your home by ordering a replacement from your dealer if you have the original key code.

Nevertheless, with the exact type, and model of your wheel lock, you can always order your spare online. In case the above does not apply, you can pay a professional to remove the wheel lock.

Does Every Car Have a Wheel Lock Key?

As much as they are a common feature, some cars do not have a wheel lock key.  Occasionally when you go for an expensive wheelset or rims, always consider procuring a wheel lock for security measures.

You can go for the anti-theft lug nut, which is always different from other nuts in that it has a distinct look.

How to Remove Wheel Locks Without Keys?

Basically, you can remove your wheel locks without keys through several steps;

  • Firstly park your car
  • Find a suitable tool that fits your wheel lock
  • Use a mallet to strike the tool. In this case, use the rubber hammer by firmly tapping on the end of the tool.
  • Gently, turn your tool counterclockwise to remove the lock.
  • Once you’ve loosened the wheel lock, you can now remove it by hand.
  • Finally, remove the wheel lock from your tool by inserting a screwdriver through the tool’s holes and gently tapping the tool with a rubber hammer.


Can AA Remove Wheel Lock Nuts?

Ideally, locking nuts are always sold with a code, so as a car owner you can request a new key from your dealer. Otherwise, if you don’t have the code, garages can help you remove the lock using their suitable tools or you can contact roadside assistance or breakdown organizations such as the AA.

Are Wheel Locks Unique to Each Car?

Typically, yes they are unique to each car. This is because wheel locks come with your car and are basically manufactured for your car only. They vary from model to model.
In addition, every set of wheel locks has its own key hence you cannot use another car’s keys to unlock your wheel locks. The keys normally come in a set and can be found with the spare tire or in the glove box.

Can Tires Be Stolen With Wheel Locks?

Just like any other part of the car, tires are considered the most valuable and essential parts of a car, so yes tires with wheel locks can be stolen. Some thieves come with tools that they can use to break the wheel lock nuts.

Final Words

Most vehicles normally come with wheel lock keys either kept with the spare wheel or in the glove compartment. Every car model has different places for the wheel lock key. It is advisable to always carry your wheel lock key with you because you never know when you’ll need it.

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