Toyota Yaris Remote Key is Not Working – How To Fix The Most Common Problem

Every day vehicles are being modified and improved technologically to improve their performances and efficiency. The introduction of remote keys has made it easier for car owners to lock and unlock their cars.

The Toyota Yaris has a remote keyless entry system known as the remote key, which allows owners to lock and unlock their vehicles with the push of a button. The Toyota Yaris remote key comes as part of a package and can be used to start and stop your car’s engine as well as control your windows, doors, horns, and emergency lights.

A remote key may fail to function properly for a variety of reasons. This article elaborates on some of the problems and solutions.

Toyota Yaris Remote Key Not Working – How To Fix The Most Common Problem

toyota yaris remote key not working

The remote key is also referred to as the key FOB or electronic key. The use of a FOB or electronic key is now fashionable among most car owners; it is considered fancy and classy to simply lock and unlock your car with the press of a button.

However, it is doomed to failure at some point, as is every other electronic device. Some of the problems and solutions to a non-working Yaris remote key include:

The remote key battery has run outReplace your remote key battery
Dead 12v batteryReplace your 12v battery
Defective remote keyReset the remote key
Poor battery connectionRemove the batteries and position them well
Water damageRemove the battery and pat dry it using a paper towel

The Battery in the Remote Key Has Run Out.

Toyota Yaris remote keys have a lifespan of up to 2–4 years. However, based on how you use it, the remote key can take longer. You cannot lock, unlock, or start your vehicle with a dead remote key battery. Also, at the end of the remote key’s battery life cycle, its effective range will be reduced since the battery will fail to generate a robust electronic signal.


You will need to replace your batteries if you have a depleted remote key battery, and your remote will be as good as new.

Dead 12V Battery

The remote key and the central locking system are both powered by a 12-volt battery. All electronics will stop working if the 12-volt battery is dead, the electric current has been interrupted due to corrosion on the battery terminals, or the ground connection is not working. In that case, you will need to manually unlock your Yaris.


If your 12-volt battery is dead, you must replace or charge it in order for the electronics to function properly. Also, clean the battery terminals if there is any corrosion. The remote key should now work properly after you replace the 12-volt battery.

Defective Remote Key

Minor accidents, such as dropping your remote key on the floor, can disrupt its operation by damaging the internal chip. If your remote key is broken, you won’t be able to use it.

However, if you’ve tried replacing the battery and resetting the remote and it’s still not working, it could mean that your remote key is defective.


If replacing the battery or resetting the remote key does not work, you will need to purchase a new remote key.

Poor Battery Connection

The battery inside your remote key is held in place by metal retaining clips, which complete the circuit. If the clips are not taut, it can cause problems, and the remote may not receive power.


Always check that the battery is securely in place and does not move when you shake the remote. Additionally, ensure that all battery contacts are corrosion and dust-free.

Water Damage

When you’re washing your hands and your remote key falls into the water, it will almost certainly sustain some water damage. Rubber seals on the remote key prevent water from getting to the electronic chip inside. A brief splash of water or light rain will have no effect on the remote, but prolonged exposure will.


After prolonged exposure to clean water, remove the battery immediately and clean the electronic component with a paper towel before replacing the battery.

If the chip has been exposed to salty, soapy, or dirty water, clean it with isopropyl alcohol or an electronic cleaner. If the remote still does not work after cleaning and drying, the chip may be faulty or could be permanently damaged by the water; hence, you will have to purchase a new remote key for your car.


You can reset your remote key by simultaneously pressing and holding the lock and unlock buttons for less than two seconds and then releasing them. Repeat the process for two more seconds. To indicate that the remote key was successfully reset, the doors should automatically lock and unlock.

The battery terminals on the remote key may be dirty or rusted. Remove the batteries and use a cotton bud or soft cloth to clean the remote key terminals with a small solution of alcohol before replacing the batteries in the remote key.

Final Thoughts

Some reasons may cause your Toyota Yaris to fail to lock and unlock its doors. When looking for these reasons, always begin with the most obvious and easy-to-diagnose causes, such as a low battery, a faulty remote key, or a water-damaged remote key.

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