How to Turn off Front Radar Obstruction Nissan Armada

The Nissan Armada can sometimes display an ‘unavailable front radar obstruction’ warning message when you attempt to turn on the engine. It simply means that the radar is being impeded by something, hence you need not panic. So, how do you turn off this error message on your Nissan Armada?

How to turn off the front radar obstruction alert depends significantly on why it is on in the first place. For instance, it could be that it is obstructed with snow or dirt or the sensor is faulty. If the issue is obstruction, cleaning it will get it back to working order. However, a faulty sensor will need repairing or replacing. 

This article enlightens car owners on what the front radar obstruction is and what to do when it is unavailable. Read on.

What Is a Front Radar Sensor and What Does It Do?

Newer models of automobiles come with an advanced driver assistance system. This system includes radar systems that are instrumental in modern cars. The front radar sensor, for one, is a device that works to alert drivers of impending collisions. 

This device detects an impediment by sending radio waves which are then reflected after hitting the car ahead. Multiple sensors are positioned around the front bumper that makes up the collision warning system.

It warns the driver of potential collisions at low and high speeds. Also, the system works to measure both your speed and the speed of the vehicle in front as well as the distance between the vehicles. This way, you can prevent some potential crashes. 

On top of that, the data is utilized by a computer system that alerts the driver when it is too close to the vehicle ahead. With that, the driver can choose to slow down or switch lanes between their car and the other car. 

How to Turn off Front Radar Obstruction Nissan Armada

How to turn off front radar obstruction Nissan Armada

Nissan Armada is loaded with safety and security features such as a forward collision warning system, blind spot warning, and forward emergency braking system. 

However, sometimes you may notice the front radar obstruction unavailable alerts pop up. This error code could mean an obstruction problem. Fortunately, if this warning alert becomes a nuisance, you can turn it off.

Different Nissan models have different ways to disable the front radar obstruction warning. Also, it depends on the root cause. For instance, if it is a case of a broken sensor, you are required to take the car to a repair facility for repair or replacement. However, if the sensor is only obstructed by snow, debris, or dirt, then cleaning it will do the trick. 

What Does It Mean When Your Car Says Unavailable Front Radar Obstruction?

When you notice the unavailable front radar obstruction message, it could mean one of the different reasons. The first thought that should come to mind is that the radar/sensor is not responding to physical obstruction.

But that should not be a serious matter of concern.  Typically, the sensor is used to measure the speed of the car ahead of you and the distance between both cars. 

When the radar is not working or is unavailable, it means that there is a hindrance or something is impeding its ability to scan the road and the car. This does not mean that the brakes are broken—these systems only control the acceleration and deceleration of the car. However, the emergency brakes will remain disabled until the front radar obstruction is removed.

What Are the Causes and Possible Solutions of Unavailable Front Radar Obstruction Nissan?

A faulty radar can be attributed to several reasons. 

Fail-To-Function Radar Sensor

The front radar obstruction warning on your Nissan Armada could mean that there is a malfunctioning radar sensor. These sensors are often vulnerable to damage and even a small collision from a bicycle is enough to render the radar system defective.

Therefore, if the warning message displays after a low-speed crash situation, the radar may be misaligned or the sensor has malfunctioned. You can always replace the collision prevention system or take it for repair. 

Paint Layer on the Front Bumper Sensor

You may be thinking of a makeover of your car by painting the plastic bumper cover to give it a new look. That is not a bad idea, but you need to ensure that you do it correctly. A wrong move could leave a new paint layer on your radar causing it to malfunction.

The warning system will become inactive or unavailable. It is possible to accidentally alter the transmission angles of the radar signals by adding an inhomogeneous fresh bumper or excessively thick paint layers. Ensure that you consult professionals before getting your bumper repainted. 

Damaged or Old Wiring

Another common culprit is faulty cabling that supplies electricity to the radar modules. If the radar signals receive insufficient electricity, this could lead to an unavailable warning alert. Therefore, it would be best to visit a professional to have the flaw checked. Also, ensure that you always take your vehicle for its scheduled maintenance. 


Cleaning the device is one of the best ways to maintain a radar unit. You are required to periodically cleanse so it continues to do its functions properly. It is a straightforward process that involves mixing water and a vehicle-washing soap and then carefully cleaning the sensor. 

Yes, if you are driving in extreme conditions such as heavy rain, snow, hail, or sleet, the front radar sensors may not be able to function properly. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid such driving conditions if possible. 

Park assist features are basically systems that help drivers park their vehicles. They use technologies such as cameras and sensors but will still require manual input from the driver. Park assist works to estimate the distance from detected objects around the vehicle and alert the driver of the distance from them.

Final Thoughts

Now, you might be able to troubleshoot your car when the unavailable front radar obstruction warning comes up. It is important to have it fixed as soon as possible so you can get it back in working order. This radar is instrumental in preventing potential collisions.

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