How to Turn off the Seatbelt Alarm 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Most cars come with an alarm that goes off when you have not fastened your seatbelt, and the Jeep Grand Cherokee is no exception. Sometimes you feel like you can do without it, but you do not have the slightest idea of how you can turn off that annoying alarm. 

To turn off the chime, you are required to sit in your Jeep and put on the seatbelt normally. Once you are inside with the seatbelt secured, place the key in the ignition and turn it to the second position. While at it, ensure that you do not press the brake. A diagnostic screen will appear briefly displaying the seatbelt warning indicator, and as soon as it disappears, disconnect and reconnect the seatbelt at least thrice. Then, you can turn off your Jeep. 

This article is here to bring you relief from the annoying alarm chime. 

How to Turn off the Seatbelt Alarm on the 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

turn off the seatbelt alarm 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Ideally, for both safety and legal reasons, you should always drive with your seatbelt on. However, there are some unrelated reasons that many drivers feel warrant not having to fasten their seatbelts.

But the seatbelt alarm does not give them the freedom to do so. Sometimes even placing heavy cargo on the passenger seat may trigger the seatbelt chime.

Although the seatbelt alarm is put in place for your safety, it can be a nuisance at times. It is no surprise why many people would like to know how to turn it off. Fortunately, it is possible to turn off the seatbelt chime in your Jeep Grand Cherokee using the diagnostic screen.  This trick applies to Jeep owners. 

The first step is to get into your Jeep Grand Cherokee and put on the seatbelt. Once in, turn the key in the ignition to the second position. Ensure that you do not go all the way to start the engine or press the brakes.

When your Jeep goes on, a diagnostic screen will show the seatbelt warning indicator briefly. As soon as the indicator goes away, quickly disconnect and then reconnect the seatbelt. You should do so at least three times. And then turn off your Jeep. 

This process works only to disable the chime—you will still be able to see the visual warning on the dash. If you want to re-enable the alarm, simply repeat the process.

It is important to note that this trick should never be used to circumvent the proper use of the seatbelt as a safety function required by law. Needless to say, the best way to turn off the seatbelt chime is to ensure that all passengers put on their seatbelts. 

Why Is My Seatbelt on Even After I Have My Seatbelt On?

Sometimes it happens that your seatbelt alarm and light stay on even after you have securely fastened your seatbelt. This could be caused by several reasons and it would be best to have a professional diagnose and repair the fault. Here are some of the reasons. 

Airbag and SRS System

The airbag and SRS system are usually located under the driver’s seat. Usually, this system is connected to your seatbelt as well as the passenger occupancy system.

The connections to this unit may become loose with time, especially if you keep moving your seat backward and forward. If these are loose, they are likely to set off the seatbelt alarm unnecessarily.

You can check this under the driver or passenger seat for any wires and connections that have come loose. Ensure they are firmly in place. 

Seatbelt Buckle

Another possible issue could be within the seatbelt buckle. Over time, wear and tear, crumbs of food or anything else may fall into the slot of the seatbelt buckle and alter with the switch inside the buckle.

To fix this, you can get an electric contact cleaner and spray it into the seatbelt buckle. This can do the trick. 

Where Is the Seatbelt Sensor Located?

Most automobiles come with a seatbelt sensor. The sensor is usually located on the seatbelt buckle of the driver’s seat as well as the front passenger seat.

Also, it comes with an occupancy sensor (weight sensor) that is used to determine whether you have a passenger in your car. It is designed to set off an alarm chime accompanied by a visual warning indicator on your dashboard. 

Is There a Sensor in the Seatbelt? 

One of the sensors that you have in your car is the seatbelt sensor. It is often triggered when it detects weight or occupancy on the front seats. When triggered, the sensor sets off an alarm chime accompanied by a warning light on the dash.

Also, this sensor detects whether the seatbelt buckle is latched on or unlatched. This ensures the passenger’s safety system as well as determines optimum airbag deployment.


One way to stop your seatbelt alarm from going off is to buy a seatbelt alarm stopper. You can find these from the manufacturer or at a scrap yard. 

The seatbelt sensor is connected to the ECU using a clip underneath the seat. If your seatbelt chime is not working properly, it could be because the clip has become loose. The issue could also lie within the ECU.


It is advisable to always fasten your seatbelt anytime you are on the road. This is for your safety and is required by the law. To ensure this, automobiles come with an inbuilt sensor that serves as a reminder to buckle up.

Usually, this sensor triggers an alarm and a warning light so you cannot miss it. But if for any reason you want to turn off the chime, that is where this article comes in.

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