How to Turn On/off Puddle Lights on F150? (Detailed Guide)

You do not want to accidentally step into a puddle of water before getting into your car. To prevent such an occurrence, you can install puddle lights on your mirrors. These lights make approaching your vehicle a breeze. These add-ons can also be referred to as additional safety features. 

Puddle lights are designed to automatically turn on when you open the doors or press the unlock button on your key fob. If they do not come on, you can check the power levels on the lights using a voltage scanner. Turning them off is also straightforward. You are required to press the lock button on the key fob or the lock button on the outside handle. 

Since puddle lights add some convenience in some situations, it is important to know how to turn them on and off when needed. This post will help in just that.

What Are the Puddle Lights on F150?

Puddle lights are downward-facing lights or car lamps that are often installed in your Ford F150 tow mirrors. These plug-and-play lights deliver a bright output to light up the ground beside your doors.

Many car companies such as Ford have decided to adopt this ingenious idea in their models. In fact, they are now getting more creative by adding special projectors and lenses to display their logo or another message on the ground. 

Where Are Puddle Lights Located?

These lights are usually placed just below the mirror since they work to illuminate the ground near the car door. You can install the lights into the lower part of your vehicle’s mirrors.

They have been in use for over a decade now, and are handy to prevent you from stepping into a puddle or murky surfaces when getting into your car. 

How to Turn On Puddle Lights on F150?

how to turn on off puddle lights on f150

Puddle lights are designed to illuminate the ground beneath the front door. Some vehicles also add corresponding lights that are built into the lower edges of the front doors so the same area is lit.

The concept behind this is that the open door itself will prevent the area from being illuminated as it blocks the light from underneath the mirror. These are useful when coming out of the car. 

Puddle lights make it easy to approach your vehicle without any worries about stepping into anything unpleasant. These lights are often activated when the driver unlocks the car using a remote key fob while approaching it.

Therefore, they only open when the key fob is nearby, when a door is unlocked, or the doors are open. This lights them up so you are warned of ice, puddles, or rough pavement beforehand. 

How to Turn Off Puddle Lights on F150?

Puddle lights do not have an on/off button—they only rely on the key fob to turn them on or off. 

Therefore, to turn them off, you are required to press the lock button on the outside handle. Alternatively, press the lock button on the key fob. This should turn them off. 

How Do I Know if My Car Has Puddle Lights?

Basically, these lights do not come standard in most car models. However, they make great add-on accessories. Typically, they are located just beneath the side mirrors to illuminate the ground beneath.

With time, car manufacturers have utilized this feature to take on another purpose; style. For whatever reason, it is possible to add them to your vehicle as well. 

Not all cars come with these lights. However, nowadays most luxury brands such as Audi, BMW, Buick, Jaguar, and others use these lights to highlight their brand’s logo. You are likely to find these lights on such cars and they play both safety and aesthetic roles. 

What Do I Do if the Puddle Lights Do Not Come On?

If on pressing the key fob the puddle lights do not come on, you can use a voltage scanner. This is used to check the power levels in the lights.

Using a screwdriver, pry the puddle lights from the bottom and then locate the two-wire connectors. Attach these to the voltage scanner and then press the unlock button on the key fob. If the scanner reads low power, you may have to replace the lights. 


The simple answer is, no. For most vehicles, and as proven by some luxury brands, they are more of a fancy add-on. Undeniably, you do not need them as much as you may need the rear-view mirror for instance.

However, they are a great help to those who live in areas that snow or through polluted areas so you do not step into anything unpleasant or even hazardous. 

With the Ford zone lighting feature, you can turn on all the lights. This new feature can be found in the new 2022 Ford F150 and allows you to turn on all the lights around the truck, either together or individually. This way, you get to illuminate the surroundings. 

Puddle lights have been on the market for nearly 15 years. They were originally simple lights on the side mirrors designed to illuminate the ground in front of your doors.

However, over years, they have evolved and have been modified to project the logos of some luxury car brands. Moreover, they have found their way to the bottom of doors in the front as well as the rear. 


Puddle lights are not just modifications that add an extra feature to your car or for aesthetic purposes. They have an important role to play. These lights were invented to help drivers and other passengers to avoid stepping on unpleasant surfaces before getting into the car.

Now, many newer car models come with these lights pre-installed. You can also add them to your car if you see the need.

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