How to Unlock a Ford F350 Without Keys? [In-depth Discussion]

In case you lose your ford F350 keys, getting into your car becomes a problem. However, you need not worry; it is possible to unlock it even without keys.

Certainly, the first option will be to phone the locksmith. The locksmith will assist in making a new key so that you can access your car. There are other several ways of unlocking your F350, in case the locksmith fails. You can use the keyless code, shoestring, or fishing line. For you to achieve successful results, you’ll need some patience and practice.

This article goes through the various methods you can adopt to open your ford F350 without a key.

How to Unlock a Ford F350 Without Keys?

how to unlock a Ford F350 without keys

Sometimes, as a car owner, you might accidentally forget your car keys in the car or lose them, especially if you are fond of using key fobs or remote-unlock sensors. When this happens you can definitely lock yourself out of your car. You can access your car through various techniques.

Use the Ford Pass App

 These days, Cars have been improved technologically and ford vehicles have not been left out. In case your car is enabled with a Ford pass APP, you can use it remotely to unlock your car, by;

  • Firstly tap home on the app
  • Then select your car
  • Finally long press the unlock button to unlock your car.

Call a Locksmith

Using a cloth hanger or fishing line could be hectic and might not work. Seeking a locksmith’s help would be the last resort. They are knowledgeable and equipped with various assorted tools that they will use to unlock your F350.

The difference from the other option is that you will actually pay them for their services.

Use the Keyless Entry Code

Most ford vehicles come with keyless entry codes that are factory manufactured, the code provided is a five-digit entry code on a small-sized card. The code can allow you to open the doors without a key, when you enter the five-digit code, the driver’s door will open.

How Do I Unlock My Ford Pass With a Code?

First forward, your car has/ should have a ford pass connect that is added to the tab known as home and initiated. The route through to the home page, press the unlock or lock button and hold on to unlock your car.

Thereafter, an alert will pop up displaying whether the car is locked or unlocked. The banner will display for about 10 seconds.

How Do I Unlock My Ford Pass With a Code?

A keyless entry code is a manufactured set five-digit code that is on a small card that is provided in the manual. In this card, you can create a five-digit code that is pressed once or twice on the pad within five seconds and follow with your five-digit code within five seconds

Can you open a locked ford F350 with a dead battery?

Sometimes we often tend to forget to turn off the beam/parking, flashlights, or even leave the radio on. This will drain your battery. Once this happens, the central locking system (CLS) can no longer function, however, you can still be able to open your car effortlessly.

Open With the Key

The key at this time is of importance, this is because there is a mechanical lock on the driver’s door and in some cases, you can have a second one on the passenger door. You may try to open the door with the key by turning the key into the lock and at the same time try to pull the door handle. If the driver’s door fails, try the same on the passenger’s door. 

Attempt to Recharge the Battery

For you to understand this technique, you need to be able to access your trunk in order to get the electrical cables through the shoe of the engine. Take the cables apart and connect the battery charger to another car to help you transfer a certain amount of power. Once you’ve achieved some power, the energy will be enough to allow unlock your F350.

Break a Window

Breaking a window is another way of opening your door. But by doing this, you will suffer the cost of the damage. It’s the last option but an effective way of opening your car. Always opt for larger windows as they are easy to find as opposed to smaller windows.

How Do I Find the Factory Number on My Ford Key Fob?

Ford models with keys or without keys have a small box called the smart junction box it’s found down by the brake pedal on the driver’s side. You will see a sticker on the box with a five-digit plus letter on it. The found code is the door entry code to your car.

How to Unlock a Ford Transit With a Dead Battery?

You can fall victim to a dead battery in one way or another. The central locking system (CLS) will stop working. There are other several ways of opening your door.

Open With the Key

There is a mechanical lock on the driver’s door, for you to open this door, turn the key in the lock and at the same time try to pull the door handle. Try this procedure on both doors 

Attempt to Recharge Your Battery

 This technique is only understood when you can access the boot/trunk and get to the electrical cables via the motor shoe. Strip the cables and connect the battery charger to another car to help you transfer some power. Once you’ve had enough power, you can now unlock your transit.


Your ford door code is always provided in the manual, it’s always a factory default code. That is why we always recommend you to always keep your manual in the glove compartment for easy access.

Generally, cars automatically lock themselves when you drive over a certain speed limit, thus preventing the doors from popping open. However, it will likely lock itself if you’ve unlocked the doors but haven’t opened them.

Basically, it’s possible to lock your car with the key fob inside. You can do this intentionally to protect the fob from damage or loss, it can also happen accidentally.

Final Thoughts

You need not worry if you’ve lost your f350 keys. There are a number of ways and techniques of unlocking your doors. Also, you can register for roadside assistance membership from the different companies available.

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