How to Unlock a Nissan Versa Without a Key? A Detailed Guide

Among the unfortunate events that can happen to a driver is locking themselves out of their car. While you can contact roadside assistance or your dealership for another key, sometimes you may be forced to take matters into your own hands. If this happens with your Nissan Versa, there are some tricks you can use. 

Fortunately for Nissan owners, there is a NissanConnectServices mobile app and MyNissan owner portal that allows you to remotely unlock your car from any location. If you do not have that option, there are some tools you can use to manually open the door. These tools include a rod, a Slim Jim tool, an inflatable pump wedge kit, or a string. 

This article outlines some of the ways you can get yourself out of this tricky situation with a Nissan Versa in particular. 

How to Unlock a Nissan Versa Without a Key?

How to unlock a nissan versa without a key

Some situations may call for you to unlock your Nissan Versa without a key. Well, fortunately for Nissan owners, there is a handy NissanConnectServices app that will come through in such a situation. 

The Nissan brand incorporates the latest technology by integrating a mobile app to help you operate your car. If you do not have your keys in hand, or if you locked them inside the car, the app makes it possible to unlock the car. There is also the option of a Nissan owner portal that enables remote locking or unlocking of your doors. 

How Do You Unlock a Nissan Versa Door?

If you do not have your keys or a Slim Jim tool, it is still possible to access the inside of your car. Using a rod is recommended.  

Firstly, you start by prying the door edge. This should be done carefully enough not to damage the paint damage. However, it is easier with a tool kit as it guarantees no paint damage. Alternatively, you can use an airbag tool to widen the gap. When you achieve some access, slide the rod through the gap and unlock the door. 

Is There a Way to Unlock a Car Without Keys?

Yes, it is possible to unlock your car without keys. There are several methods to choose from. These tricks will require some patience as they are not conventional means. All the same, they are worth a try.

Load the App

Nowadays, newer car models integrate a mobile app that allows you to make remote car operations. Depending on the make, year, and model of your car, this can be a very good option for you. Ensure that you have signed up and synced your vehicle with the app. 

Use a String or a Fishing Line

This method will only be applicable to older car models with a manual lock. If yours is one of them, then you can use a shoestring, twine, or fishing line, and make a loop in the middle of the string. Then, try inserting the string into the door opening and hook the loop into the locking mechanism. Pulling this should open your door. 

Unlock With an Inflatable Pump Wedge

If locking yourself out of your car is a regular occurrence, then you should think of purchasing an inflatable wedge kit. This kit is referred to as an ‘auto-entry tool’ and will help you avoid damaging the car’s paint. The wedge works to create a space between the door and jamb so you can insert other access tools such as a rod to disengage the rod. 

What Do I Do if I Forget to Lock My Nissan?

Do not worry if you forget to lock your Nissan. Thanks to the Remote door lock/unlock option, you can remotely lock your car from the mobile app or the Nissan portal from any location.

Therefore, if you happen to forget to lock or you have locked yourself outside, then you can send a remote request from the My Nissan owner portal or the app. Also, after sending a successful remote unlock request, the doors will automatically relock if they are not opened within a minute. 

Moreover, there are other criteria that your vehicle needs to meet for the successful operation of the remote lock/unlock command. Firstly, your engine should be off and the doors should be closed. For additional security, a pin will be required before you can use the feature. Ensure that you secure the pin. 

What Are the Feature Benefits of Using the Nissan Mobile App?

With the Nissan mobile app, you need not worry about any delays. Once you put in a command, such as unlock vehicle command, it does so instantaneously. If you want more time, sending an additional command will extend the unlock time for 60 more seconds.

The app or portal also allows you to set up notification preferences. This allows you to get a push notification whenever a door lock/unlock command is sent.


If you have just purchased your new car, there is usually a trial available that you have to enroll in. You simply have to choose the option and then follow the steps. The app is also available on the app store so you can download it and you can also log in to the My Nissan owner portal. 

Service providers such as AAA can also come in handy if you are in this situation. They have special lockout tool kits that you can use. The only drawback is that you will have to pay someone for the service. 


Nissan owners are lucky enough to have alternative ways of unlocking their cars thanks to the remote keyless entry. Therefore, you need not worry if you forget to lock your door or leave the keys inside the car. 

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