How to Unlock Ford Fiesta With Keys Locked Inside

Sometimes, you might be in a hurry and find you’ve locked your keys inside the car, this could be stressful, and thus getting into your car is usually out of question. However, you shouldn’t worry; it’s possible to unlock your car without the keys.

Undoubtedly, calling roadside assistance or a locksmith to make you another key is the first thing that will come to mind. If these options are not possible, you can use the keyless entry code, fishing line, or the ford pass app to gain entry to your car.

This article goes over the several approaches you can implement to unlock your ford fiesta.

How to Unlock a Ford Fiesta With Keys Locked Inside?

how to unlock Ford Fiesta with keys locked inside

Car chauvinists love the new technology of fancy key fobs and remote unlock sensors, though this is not a warranty that you won’t be locked out of your car, it, therefore, means you can easily lock yourself out of your ford fiesta unawares.

Though it is possible to get the keys out of the car, it will require a lot of patience and a bit of practice.

Use the App

Nowadays, cars have been improved technologically, and ford fiestas have not been left out, they come with a ford pass app that one can install on their mobile phone and allows you to remotely unlock your car, by long pressing the unlock button on the app. Ensure that you have connected the app to your car.

Use Your Windshield Wiper

You can easily remove your car’s windshield wipers. If your window is marginally ajar, or you can chunk the door open, maneuver it into the car interior. Then use the wiper to take the keys or hit the unlock button on the side of the door.

Unlock With a Wire Clothes Hanger

You can make use of a wire hanger to unlock your door by straightening the hanger, inserting it into the door frame seal then gently jiggling with it until the metal hanger slide in, and then directing it to the unlock knob.

Use the Keyless Entry Code

The keyless entry code is a factory set of five-digit codes, in form of a small-sized card that comes with the manual. This code can only unlock the driver’s door, by entering the five-digit code. Ensure that your car is equipped with this code for successful results.

Use a String or Fishing Line

If your fiesta comes with manual locks, you can easily use a fishing line, shoestring, or twine. Make a loop in the middle of the string, then insert it into the door opening. Finally, hook the loop into the locking mechanism and pull up. This should unlock the door.

How to Open a Ford Fiesta With a Flat Battery?

As much as we try to be careful and alert at all times around our cars, we still forget to turn off our beam lights, and flashing lights or even leave the radio.

Alternatively, this will leave you with a flat battery and the central locking system no longer functioning. However, you can still be able to open your car easily with your key. You can try a few ways 

Open With the Key

The key will come in handy, this is because there is a mechanical lock on the driver’s door of your car, and in some cases, you can have a second one on the passenger’s side.

You can try to open the door by turning the key in the lock and at the same time try to pull the door handle. If the driver’s side fails try the same with the passenger’s side.

Attempt to Recharge the Battery

For you to realize this strategy you must be able to access the trunk of your car, in order to get the electrical cables through the motor shoe, then strip the cables and connect a battery charger to another car to help you transfer some power.

Break a Window

The most useful remedy is for you to break a window and open your car, through this you might incur the cost of repairing t broken window. It is the most efficient way to unlock your car. Always go for the largest windows other than the smallest, this is because it’s cheaper to replace the larger ones.

How to Open a Ford Fiesta Door Without a Key?

It is not necessarily a must for you to open your car door with a key, nowadays there are ways of opening your doors without the key. Some of the ways include;

Use of the Ford Pass App

Most ford fiesta owners who have installed and connected their cars with the ford pass app can easily open their car doors by, tapping home on the app, then selecting a vehicle, and finally pressing and holding the unlock button until the circle starts rotating.

Use of the Keyless Entry Code

Most ford fiesta cars come with a keyless entry code in form of a small-sized card, this code can enable you to open your car doors without a key. You open your door by entering the five-digit entry code, which opens the driver’s door.


Basically, you can unlock your car with your phone, by connecting the ford pass app to your phone, the press the remote unlock button. In case you have not connected or the remote unlock button is not functioning in the ford pass, you should force close and restart the ford pass app.

Generally, your fiesta won’t lock itself if you only exit the car and walk away. Ideally, it will relock itself in roughly 30 seconds after unlocking if no one enters the car.

Ideally, yes they do but you can turn off the feature at any given time, by first accessing the programming mode, the press the doors unlock button three times, and turning the car off.


In conclusion, you need not worry if your car keys are locked inside your ford fiesta. There are different and several ways to unlock your door.  Also, you can always ask for roadside assistance membership from the different companies that offer it. This will ensure that you always get roadside assistance at any given time you need it.

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