Can You Use Magic Eraser on Car Scratches? [Answered]

Magic erasers are usually the go-to for removing any dirt and grim on most surfaces. They even come in handy for car cleaning. However, the magic erasers are not suitable for every part of your car. 

Some people tend to use magic erasers on their dashboards and cupholders. However, as far as car cleaning is concerned, the use of Magic Erasers is limited. They are not recommended to be used to clean or polish the outside of your car. These erasers tend to be so aggressive that they can potentially damage the paint on your car.

This article is helpful if you are trying to figure out how and what to use to remove the scratches off your car. Read on. 

Can You Use a Magic Eraser on Car Scratches? 

magic eraser on car scratches

The magic erasers are great cleaning tools. You can count on them to effectively remove dirt from different surfaces and materials. However, when it comes to car cleaning, they are not suitable for polishing the exterior.

These erasers have a slight abrasiveness that is likely to do more harm than good to the paint on your car. Therefore, since it is not a polishing tool, you should not use magic erasers to remove car scratches. 

Dos and Don’ts of Using Magic Eraser on Your Car

Magic erasers have revolutionized the cleaning products industry with its vast versatility. You can count on these to help clean in various applications. It is even used in cars but to some extent. Some places in your car can be safely cleaned using these erasers, while for others, it can have damaging effects.


There are some areas and materials in your car that can be cleaned with a magic eraser. If any of these spots are dirty or have debris stuck on them, you only need a magic eraser and you are good to go. 

Using Magic Eraser on Glass

The glasses on your car can be safely cleaned using a magic eraser. The eraser is simple to use and very effective. It works to remove any dirt that is adhering to the glass such as haze, insects, smoke films, and debris without scratching the glass.

Many drivers do not enjoy the safety and visibility that comes with crystal-clear and clean windows and windshields due to a lack of effective cleaning. Thankfully, with the magic erasers, these clear windows can be achieved. 

However, ensure that you do not use a dry Magic eraser on the glass. You can then use it with water or a glass cleaner. It can also remove water spots on the glass. 

Car Pedals 

Today, car pedals are made with a polymeric-based compound selected for its resilience. Car pedals tend to easily and quickly get dirty. You can use the magic eraser on the pedals as it works to scrub off the dirt that is stuck without causing any damage. You can then wipe off the pedals using a clean microfiber towel. 

Car Carpet 

Usually, the carpets that are fitted in cars are durable and strong. Therefore, you can use a magic eraser on them. You may need a carpet cleaning solution alongside a wet magic eraser. This will help to loosen the dirt so you can vacuum the carpet afterward. The erasers are recommended to give your carpet a thorough cleaning. 


If your headlights are dirty, foggy, or cloudy, you can use a magic eraser to clean them. The erasers have a slight abrasiveness that will effectively remove the dirt to some point. For more thorough cleaning, you may need more advanced equipment. 


As versatile as the magic eraser is, it cannot be used to clean every part of your car. 

To Remove Scratches

The magic eraser should not be used to remove the scratches in the clear coat of your car. Typically, when cleaning with the magic eraser, you apply some pressure to remove the dirt. This pressure may cause some streaks or marring. If you have any scratches, you should think of polishing or repainting—the magic eraser is not a polishing tool. 

Delicate Parts of the Interior

The car interior has some parts that are made of sensitive and delicate materials. The materials include leather, vinyl, wood, touchscreens, and aluminum.

These parts are not recommended to be cleaned using the abrasive magic eraser. The eraser can cause scratches on the console, dashboard, and other interior parts. These scratches tend to be very difficult and expensive to repair. 

Using Eraser Without Gloves

Whenever you are cleaning using the magic eraser, ensure that you wear gloves. If not, you might have some skin damage leading to infections. These erasers were designed for tough stains and hence your skin cannot withstand such abrasiveness. It could lead to burns or cuts on the skin. 

Using a Dry Magic Eraser

When the magic eraser is dry, its abrasiveness level is likened to 800 grit sandpaper. This level is not recommended for car cleaning. The eraser should only be used when wet as it is much safer and less risky.


Using the magic eraser on leather is one way to remove the dirt from your seats. Although possible, it is not recommended as the abrasiveness of the eraser can damage the leather if you use too much pressure. Leather tends to be very sensitive and the eraser can potentially scratch off the protection and even the leather itself. This often leads to expensive repairs. 

The magic erasers are not designed to be used on the car’s exterior. They can potentially damage the car paint with their abrasiveness. 

There are several household products that you can use to clear some scratches on your car. They will not work perfectly but will help. These include toothpaste, WD-40, shoe polish, candle wax, and even nail polish. 

Final Words 

The last thing you like to see in your car are scratches. The first thought that crosses your mind is how to remove them immediately. Using the magic eraser can only help to some point. They can be used for cleaning, but are detrimental to the paint on your car.

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