What Is B Gear on Toyota Corolla? [Detailed Guide]

The B gear is one of the unique parts of the newer Toyota Corolla models. It is helpful in boosting your confidence when driving in sloppy areas or moving downhill. But not many people are conversant with this gear. 

The B on a Toyota Corolla stands for Brake in automatic gear. This gearbox is basically the drive wheel of the automatic speed system. The B gear is designed to support maximum braking power when you are driving uphill

This article sheds light on the topic, explaining when to use the gear and its functions. 

What Is B Gear on Toyota Corolla? 

what is b gear on toyota corolla
Toyota Corolla

The B gear may seem like a technical term for many. Thankfully, it is not a complicated concept and can easily be understood. It is a common feature on hybrid vehicles, particularly Toyota Corolla models. 

In automatic gear, the B represents brake or engine braking. This gear comes in handy when the normal braking system becomes weak when driving downhill. It helps you maneuver on difficult slopes as well as help you drive on an inclined surface.

This gear also works to completely charge your battery. It can be used on sloppy roads by creating a drag force into the car. In turn, the drag force helps generate the maximum braking force in the automatic hybrid vehicle. 

What Is the Function of B Gear?

Toyota car models are designed to meet people’s needs in terms of safety. One of the important features you are likely to find in a hybrid Toyota Corolla is the B gear. This feature is invaluable in-car operation. 

The B gear plays a vital role when it comes to braking. It works to slow down the car when you are driving down a hill or flyover. The gear prevents brake fade anytime you are driving downhill with your battery running low. 

Another function of this gear is to prevent overheating. Usually, when the brakes are overheating, they cause the brake fluid to boil and ultimately damage the braking system. 

When the B mode is set on automatic transmission cars, the transmission is limited to remain in the 1st gear so as to help the engine gain more torque. You can switch from D to B depending on your speed. 

The B gear is considered an outstanding feature in Toyota Corolla models. When you do not engage in this mode you are likely to experience some problems, especially in slopy and snowy areas. 

Advantages of the B Gear on Toyota Corolla

The B gear on a Toyota Corolla comes with several benefits. For one, you can count on it to slow down your fast-moving car in any gear when moving from a higher surface to a lower one.

Moreover, it tends to release the hybrid motor on your car so the hybrid batteries can easily recharge. Generally, this gear is a downshifting gear and generates power to provide maximum engine braking when you need it most. 

Disadvantages of Using the B Gear on Toyota Corolla

When the B gear is engaged, it considerably affects the mileage on your car. Also, it could cause the battery not to hold a charge, or prevent it from producing a charge. Sometimes, the B gear can cause some issues for your Toyota Corolla when you try to climb hilly roads. 

When to Use B Gear in an Automatic Car 

There are several scenarios that call for engaging the B gear. 

Going Downhill 

As earlier mentioned, this gear is instrumental when navigating in downhill areas. It is used to utilize the braking force of the engine, and thus decline pressure on the brake system. 

Uphill Roads

Another case scenario where you can apply the B gear is when driving uphill. Typically, gravity will tend to work against the engine and thus more work will be required to move the car uphill. The gear eases the work on the engine. 

Bringing Major Load 

Driving with a heavy load is the most common scenario that calls for the B gear. It is used to boost the engine power and hence helps the vehicle carry heavier loads much easier. 

Can You Change to B Gear While Driving?

When driving an automatic car, it is possible to manually change between some gears. However, switching to some gears while driving can cause serious damage to your engine. Thankfully, most modern vehicles do not allow you to switch to some gears while driving to prevent such kind of damage. 

Automatic cars allow drivers to up or downshift. Therefore, switching to B gear is possible while driving. While shifting the gear lever to B, the car will automatically return to a lower gear. This allows it to brake at a lower level so the car can safely and continuously downhill without the driver having to keep braking.  

What Is the Difference Between “S” and “B” on the Gear Shift?

The main dissimilarity when it comes to the S and B gears lies in their function. 

While the B gear focuses on the braking system and slowing down the car, the S gear is used to turn the car’s engine speed higher. It stands for sport and is particularly handy when driving through twisty roads but you still want to maintain the RPM.

The S gearbox keeps the lower gears for longer so that they generate more power when plying through twisty roads. This way, you can drive at a higher speed. 

The B gear also supports the lower gears, but with a different goal. It is the extra engine braking when you are going down a long slope. However, the B gearbox is not recommended for driving habits that intend to use the mode at high speeds. 

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Which Cars Come With the B Gear?

Hybrid cars especially Toyota have the B letter on the gearshift. It is usually an additional feature on hybrid vehicles that aid in car transmission and increases efficiency. 

Final Thoughts

The B gear is instrumental in the Toyota Corolla. It works to increase the braking force and thus slows down your vehicle on difficult slopes.

This ensures that you do not face any issues with regard to controlling your vehicle. Hopefully, this article helps you understand the functions of the B gear so you can use it properly. 

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