Will Bilstein 5100 Lift My 4Runner? Find It Out

The Bilstein 5100 system is a great first-upgrades that is a recommended go-to for weekend outings, adventure seekers, and general stock upgrades for 2010-2021 4 runners. It has been popular for so many years, so much so that it has been dubbed the jack of all trades. This is one reason why the Bilstein 5100 is ideal for your 4runner.  

With the Bilstein 5100, you need not question whether it is equal to the task. It features front adjustable height struts that give a leveling/lift height of up to 2-2.5” using the factory coil springs. This lift system boasts a custom build which means that it can be tailored to fit your personal vehicle’s needs and can be pieced together based on your product choices. 

This article expounds on the Bilstein 5100 Series and its benefits to 4runner models.

Will Bilstein 5100 Lift My 4Runner?

will bilstein 5100 lift my 4Runner

The Bilstein 5100 lift system was tailor-made for the 2010-2021 Toyota 4runners. Its popularity can be attributed to the tons of benefits it offers. These shocks are designed to improve the all-around daily driver handling as well as reduce body roll.

Moreover, this is complemented by the shock’s ability to offer better off-road handling in fairly tough terrain. While this choice may not be the softest shock in the market, you are guaranteed that it is reliable and in it for the long haul. 

It comes with factory coil springs that offer a maximum lift of 2.5 inches. You also have an option of the additional springs to replace these factory springs and attain additional lift or weight handling requirements. 

How Much Lift Do You Get From Bilstein 4Runner?

Many drivers are embracing leveling kits as an upgrade for late-model pickups. These kits make a better and more inexpensive alternative to the factory rakes so you can install larger-than-stock tires without buying a full lift kit.

With the overwhelmingly different brands in the market, it becomes difficult to choose a lifting kit. But not anymore, thanks to Bilstein’s 5100 series. 

Bilstein 5100 comes as a complete replacement shock. It is designed to maximize wheel travel and add 1 to 2 inches of overall travel without inducing any ball joint. You also get to enjoy enhanced dampening with the leveling shock offering three height options from the stock to 2.5 inches worth of lift.

Besides the factory coil springs, you can utilize other additional spring options for additional lift. You get to enjoy all these at a cost of $300—the ideal way to level your truck.

Bilstein 5100 4Runner 4th Gen

The Bilstein 5100 works superbly for the 4th generation 4runners (2003-2009). Its installation time is less than 4 hours without the upper control arms and up to 6 hours with the upper control arms included.

The upper control arms are utilized if you want some adjustments to obtain a proper alignment. They also help to gain more down travel. 

Bilstein 5100 4Runner 5th Gen

The Bilstein 5100 gets the job done for 5th generation 4runners as well. It is one of the biggest sellers of Jeeps and light trucks. These shocks give a substantial handling upgrade over factory shocks. 

Can I Use Bilstein 5100 With Stock Height?

Most customers also use the 5100 Series on stock trucks since these shocks are built for suspension lifts from 0 to 2 inches. This means that you can run the 5100 on the stock-height truck.

The yellow and blue Bilstein shocks are highly recommended for stock-height trucks. With these, you get to enjoy the superb performance for towing, normal driving, and light off-roading. 

For the lifted trucks, the 5100 Series is the only choice. These shocks are designed for all sizes of lifts for popular trucks. It does not matter whether your vehicle is for modified daily driving or an all-out off-roading vehicle—Bilstein 5100 got you covered. 

Similarities Between the Bilstein Heavy-Duty vs Bilstein 5100S

Both the 5100 series and Bilstein heavy-duty shocks utilize the same technology internal. They are both equipped with the same internal valves and will ride the same at stock height.

Moreover, they are both pressurized with 360psi of nitrogen to prevent shock fade. Both have an identical outer construction with extruded metal bodies. 


Maybe just a little bit. Most people would not be able to guess the suspension kit in a scenario where they ride identical vehicles on identical terrains with either of the shocks. Hence, there is not much of a difference in terms of comfort between the two kits. 

The Bilstein 5100 is designed to level the front of mid-size trucks and SUVs. This makes them the perfect alternative to coil spring spacers. Depending on the application, the levels and lifts are from 0 to 2.8”. 

Final Words

Bilstein products are backed by years of experience and intensive product testing. The Bilstein 5100 suspension kit is a good value for your money as it is more than just a lift for your 4runner. It will change your automobile’s ride quality from brake diving and body roll to a more comfortable firmer ride.