How to Wire Multiple Off-Road Lights to One Switch?

Wiring multiple lights to one switch is a good idea. For instance, you can use it at home when flicking switch lights in both the hallway and living room so you do not have to walk around in the dark. This is also possible for off-road lights. 

To wire multiple off-road lights to a single switch, you need to connect all the lights in the circuit to the switch. The switch is then connected to another and so on. This method is referred to as a ‘home-run’ configuration. Alternatively, you can use the daisy-chain method where the light fixtures are connected to each other and the first one is hooked to a switch. 

This article digs deeper into the different ways in which you can wire multiple off-road lights to one switch as well as answer other related questions. 

How to Wire Multiple Off-Road Lights to One Switch?

how to wire multiple off-road lights to one switch

The common method employed is referred to as daisy-chain wiring where the light fixtures are ‘daisy-chained’. Daisy-chaining means connecting the fixtures to each other with the first one hooked to the switch. 

Another way you can adopt to wire multiple lights to one switch is by connecting all the lights in a circuit to the switch, and then connecting a second switch to that switch. You can choose to use the same number of lights for multiple switches, or split them and use different switches for each.

However, not many people like the wiring process. Lucky for you, you can use a power strip. It is basically a strip of wire that can be plugged into a wall outlet. You can use this strip to turn the lights on and off once plugged in. This is considered the best option to connect multiple lights. 

Can You Wire Led Light Bar Without a Relay?

It is not advisable to wire an LED light bar without a relay, though possible. If you are not sure whether the switches and fuse are of the right size for the amperage, do not wire the bar.

To wire your LED lights, you must first ensure that the fuse for the circuit is the correct size. You can measure the current using a multimeter. It can be used to confirm the fuse size and number of turns for it to be in series with the wire. 

For instance, if you have a 12-turn fuse, it means it requires 12 turns of the wire for it to be in series, with the 12th turn being connected to the positive terminal of the 3.3V power supply. The fuse rating should be at least 12A otherwise, it will not be able to supply enough current to light the LEDs. 

Is It Possible to Wire Multiple Lights on One Plug?

If the lamps are the same, then you can wire multiple of them on one plug. Also, ensure that the combined load does not exceed the plug rating while at it.

Moreover, the total current that the lights will draw should be within the circuit rating. Different lamps are not recommended since the difference in rating will increase the maximum current drawn. 

What Kind of Wire Can I Use for Off-Road Lights?

The kind of wire to be used will depend on the total amount of power the lights will draw. Typically, you may need between a 14- and 10-gauge wire. To be sure, you can always go up a size. If you are planning on using LED lights, ensure that they have a power rating of not less than 300lm-watts. Lm-watts is the unit of measuring the amount of light produced at a given wattage. 

How Many Lights Can I Put On One Switch?

When wiring off-road lights to a switch, the number of lights on the circuit will be determined by the load of the fixture. For example, 1400W worth of lighting load can be connected to a 15A circuit. This 1400W lighting load is capable of accommodating multiple lights. 


No, it is not possible to run two lights off the same relay. For the new light, you will need a completely separate circuit. With a fuse holder at the battery for setup, you can then run the new wire to a new relay and wire your lights.

Relays are used when you want a low-current circuit to control a high-current circuit. They should be used when the light Pod does not have a large draw, which is often the case when connecting LED lights. 

Light bars that come with three wires are usually multifunctional lights. They can be used in a wide range of configurations depending on the application. For example, they can be used for running and blinker, running and brake, or brake and turn signals on cars. 

Final Words

Wiring multiple lights to one switch is a game changer. Fortunately, it is not a complicated process. Hopefully, this article will answer most of the questions you have regarding the topic.

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