How to Mill 22.5 Wheels to 22: Step-by-Step Process

Sometimes you can purchase your truck and it comes with big wheels which you might not be comfortable with, you can easily customize them to 22.

Milling also known as resizing wheels from 22.5 to 22 is a simple process of removing the excess material from the wheel’s outer surface in order to adjust the size and shape of the wheel you can easily do it by yourself.

You can do this by using the right tools. You’ll definitely need to have a jack and jack stands, which you will use to remove your car wheels with ease, a milling machine, and a measuring tape for measuring your wheels so that you can achieve your desired size.

In this article, we’ve discussed how to mill 22.5 wheels to 22 along with how much it will cost you to conduct such a process.

How to Mill 22.5 Wheels to 22

How To Mill 22.5 Wheels To 22

Milling 22.5 wheels to 22 wheels is a simple process that you can do yourself if you have the right tools and a little know-how.

Steps for milling 22.5 wheels to 22

  • Remove the wheel from your truck first. In order to remove the tire, you will need a jack and jack stands.
  • Then, with a measuring tape, determine the width of the wheel.
  • Remove any excess material with a saw or grinder until the width of the wheel is 22 inches.
  • Finally, put the wheel back on the vehicle and enjoy your new wheels.

A carbide end mill is another option for milling 22.5 to 22 because it can withstand the high speeds of the milling process better than other types of end mills. Set your machine’s depths of cut first; you’ll only need to remove about 1/8 of the material from each side of the wheel.

How Much Does It Cost to Mill Down Semi-wheels?

Milling down semi-wheels, also known as resizing, entails removing a small amount of material from the wheel’s outer surface to adjust its size and shape.

The cost of this process varies according to the size and type of wheel, as well as the equipment and labor needed to complete the job. The cost of milling a semi-wheel can range between $200 and $800.

The following are some of the factors that influence the cost of milling semi-wheels.

Size and Thickness of the Semi-wheel

The size and thickness of the semi-wheel can have a significant impact on the milling service cost. Larger and thicker wheels will take more time and materials to mill down, increasing the cost.

The Type of Semi-wheel Milled

This can have a significant impact on the cost of milling services. Milling down aluminum wheels, for example, is typically less expensive than milling down steel wheels.

Milling Service Location

The milling service’s location can also influence the cost of the service. Milling services in cities may be more expensive than those in rural areas.

Additional Services Have Been Requested.

Milling costs may be increased by additional services such as painting and coating of semi-wheels. These services will necessitate more materials and labor, resulting in a higher cost.

Is It Worth It to Mil Semi-wheels?

Some trucking companies and drivers may find that milling down semi-wheels is worthwhile. Because it can result in significant fuel savings for long-haul trucking companies, the cost of milling down the wheels can quickly be offset.

Furthermore, milling down the wheels can improve the truck’s performance and handling, making it easier to maneuver and control on the road. However, milling down semi-wheels has some disadvantages.

The process can weaken the structural integrity of the wheel, making it more prone to damage and wear. This can result in higher maintenance costs and a greater need to replace the wheels.


The wheel setup includes tires. For example, if your vehicle has rims, you can buy different sizes of tires to fit those rims as long as the middle of the tires is the correct size. A vehicle with larger rims can often accommodate larger tires than other vehicles.

Unfortunately, changing the tire size of a vehicle without thorough and careful consideration is a risky decision. The incorrect tire size can damage a vehicle and pose a serious safety risk.

Replace the wheels and measure the distance between the tire and every other part. Include the space between the tire and every other component. Include the space between the tire and the bumper, as well as the space between the tire and the wheel’s front, back, and top. After turning the front wheels to a full steering lock in all directions, take the same measurements.


For you to mill 22.5 wheels to 22, you should first remove the tires and tubes from the wheels. Ensure that you have the right tools and a little know-how to conduct this process, in case you don’t have the required tools or know-how always consult a professional mechanic to do it for you.

Additionally, the cost of milling down semi-wheels will always vary depending on the size of your wheel, your location; the cost of labor, and any other additional services you’ll be offered. Also as much as it is worth milling down your truck wheels it is against some state rules, this can land you in trouble with the law, and also your truck’s warrant will be affected.