Rapid Red vs Ruby Red – Know the Difference

Any time you are out in the market for a new vehicle, one of the main dilemmas you are likely to face is the choice of color. More so, when you have to choose between different hues. And that is the same struggle that new Ford owners have had to go through, especially with the rapid red and ruby red. 

To differentiate the two, it is important to note that rapid red is brighter and lighter in daylight and less of a maroon color in low light conditions. Rapid Red seems to be aesthetically more appealing than its counterpart. It features a shiny surface under the light and a metallic texture. Other people are attached to the luxurious presence that the ruby red always attains. 

Well, this article comes to your rescue. It analyzes the different advantages and disadvantages of the various details on the red Ford, and in particular, the shades rapid red and ruby red. 

Rapid Red vs Ruby Red 

The ultimate decisions that people make are based on various points behind their reasoning. But still, no one ever considers every point of reasoning. 

What Are the Similarities Between Rapid Red and Ruby Red?

It is important to first consider the similarities of these shades of color. That way, you can understand the robust comparison that makes these different colors stand out from each other. 

Personality concept 

Despite being different shade, the red color on cars expresses the same traits. This color is known to possess a vibrant energy and a dynamic quality. Red cars always stand out, and that is often not connected to the hue or brightness of the color. 

Cleaning ability 

Your car being clean and remaining clean is closely associated with the choice of color. While some of these red shades are brighter, the others can be seen to have a bulk hue on them. This tiny detail significantly affects the overall maintenance cost and efficiency. Arguably, cleaning any shade of red on a car is a challenge.


As much as many may hate to admit it, for most of the big automobile companies that manufacture heavy and robust trucks, the red models are the most expensive ones. Trucks become pricier whenever the colors are not black, white, or a grey shade—basically any color outside the range of ‘normal’. 

What Are the Differences Between Rapid Red and Ruby Red?

A side-by-side comparison sheds some light and will help you make a decision. Below is a constructive comparison between the detailed aspects of each color. 

Paint code 

Starting with the paint code, the color code for the rapid red shade is D4, M7444 and the HEX code can be found as #7b001c. Meanwhile, ruby red has the code RR, M7283A with the HEX code #9b111e. This color codes should not bother you much. They are just a way of depicting the percentages of the colors and shades that the vehicle represents. 

When it comes to appearance to the naked eye, rapid red, commonly referred to as metallic, has a vibrant dusky reddish shade. Its combination gives it a darker color that is capable of shining on sunny days. Ruby red, on the other hand, entails of brightness that its counterpart model lacks and goes on to embrace a richer and more luxurious appearance. 

Heat absorption 

The analysis of heat absorption gives another different point of view. As mentioned earlier, Rapid red looks stunning and is bright under direct sunlight given its metallic structure. It is this structure that can be attributed to the extra warmth to the truck on its exterior. It manages to absorb harmful direct UV-ray of the sun. 

Ruby red is not metallically structured. This reason causes heat problems to absorb the sunlight due to lack of the strong base coat. Due to lack of a few layers, the car is warmer and could be uncomfortable during the summer. 

Pros and Cons of Rapid Red

Rapid Red Pros 

  • It has good heat absorption capacity 
  • It offers significant protection against UV radiation 
  • It depicts a vibrant dusky reddish shade 
  • It looks stunning under sunlight exposure 
  • It has a comparatively better cleaning ability 

Rapid Red Cons 

  • It is the most expensive 
  • It has an imbalanced RBG
  • It is not a ‘lightning’ presence

Pros and Cons of Raby Red

Ruby Red pros 

  • It has the best RGB balance 
  • It is neither too shiny nor too darkish
  • It is the more natural shade of red 
  • It gives off a luxurious appearance 


  • It has a low heating absorption 
  • It does not have the best cleaning ability 
  • It gives a high exposure to UV radiation 


The race red shade can be said to be the red color that one would put on his car for an actual race. The red color tends to dominate, but the existence of the other two shades makes it shinier and brighter. 

The race red color features a balanced RBG and depicts a bright color at all times. It also features a dominant red shade and has moderate heat absorption. 


One of the main aspects of a car that people look out for is the color. Many agree that the color of the car one drivers portrays your personality traits. The red color depicts a bold and robust personality. Still, with this color, it is important to understand the different shades it comes in. This article will be of great help if that is what you are looking for.