When Are Your Car Repairs Covered by Car Insurance?

As a vehicle owner, one of the best things that you could possibly do for your car and your wallet is to have a car insurance policy. It basically serves as a protective shield against accidents that involve your car and saves your wallet from spending an enormous amount of money to repair the damages caused. But the question is when are car repairs actually covered by car insurance? Rest assured as this overview shall provide you with everything you might need to know.

What Exactly Is a Car Insurance?

Car insurance is a policy specifically designed to prevent your vehicle from incidents that may cause unmeasurable damage to your car and help you from spending a pile of money. The policy is provided by the manufacturer which guarantees the covering of repairs depending on the time of agreement or the number of mileage. Read latest insurance updates on Classic Elite Sugarland.

What Repairs Will the Insurance Plan Cover?

Some repairs that an insurance plan may cover are : 

  • Engine repairs 
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Air conditioning repairs
  • Transmission issues 

There are two types of coverage that an insurance plan may provide, which are:

  • Collision Coverage -This coverage pays for repairs when your car gets into a vehicle accident or hits an object.
  • Comprehensive Coverage -This coverage pays for repairs that aren’t related to collisions such as theft, hail, or vandalism.

An insurance policy can have deductibles for certain collisions and coverage. A deductible is basically an amount of money that a person has to pay from his wallet while the rest is paid by the insurance policy. 

What Repairs Does a Car Insurance Not Cover?

Anything that is related to your routine car maintenance is not covered by your car insurance. These repairs may include tire punctures, oil changes, or new brake pads. You can say that car insurance is basically designed to cover unpredictable accidents or issues related to your car and not the daily or normal wear and tear that comes to your car.


You can conclude that a good insurance policy is very important as it may save you from spending a hefty amount of money. One should spend a good time researching before signing up for an insurance policy.