Toyota Tacoma 5ft vs 6ft Bed – Pros & Cons of Short vs Long Bed

Trucks are ideal for adventures for a good reason. Their beds provide much-needed extra space and the Toyota Tacoma is no exception. With the Toyota Tacoma, you have two options of bed sizes that are designed to meet your needs; 5ft bed and 6ft bed. 

The debate between which one is better between the long and short bed is a tough one. It all comes down to space, appearance, cost, and your special needs. A longer wheelbase offers a better ride and towing. If you will need to transport more and longer items, you will need the extra space offered by the long bed. The short bed is more compact and still offers a decent amount of space for your gear. The shorter wheelbase also helps with off-road. 

This article helps you choose an ideal bed option for you when it comes to Toyota Tacoma. 

Toyota Tacoma 5ft vs 6ft Bed – Detailed Overview

toyota tacoma 5ft vs 6ft bed

Toyota Tacoma is a coveted pickup, especially among outdoor enthusiasts. It has plenty of room for passengers with a maximum seating capacity of four to five people. Besides the space, you get to enjoy many amenities that ensure you are comfortable on the road. 

The Toyota Tacoma comes in two-bed dimensions to choose from. The 5ft bed is 60.5 inches, 41.5, and 19.1 inches in terms of length, width, and height. The 6ft bed on the other hand is 73.7, 41.5, and 19.1 inches. These spacious bed sizes allow you to bring along all your camping gear, picnic supplies, and much more.  

Indeed, one important consideration to make when in the market for a truck is the bed length. The short bed offers 60.5 inches in length but if you want more space, you can go for the 73.7 inches length of the long bed.

Either way, you will be able to fit a decent amount of gear in the truck bed. The short bed can easily accommodate small furniture, and toolboxes and hence is ideal for transporting lesser amounts of gear. This bed size cannot fit in bikes, a boat, or snowboards. 

With the longer 6ft bed, your options become more expansive. For one, you can fit in more gear. For those who work at a construction site, the long bed can accommodate multiple toolboxes, ladders, and much more. Sleeping in a long bed is also much more comfortable compared to a short bed. 

Another thing worth noting is that each size has its own payload capability. The 5ft bed has a payload capability of 1560 pounds and with the 6ft bed, the payload capability is 1685 pounds. 

Pros and Cons of Long Bed Trucks


Higher Towing Capacity

The longer the wheelbase the more stable and the more the payload capacity of the truck. This greater distance between wheels gives a higher towing capacity.

More Spacious 

A long bed is recommended if you have a fifth wheel. Their hitches tend to take a lot of space in the back. Therefore, you will need more space for carrying cargo. With a long bed, you need not worry about the space and the hassle that comes with having to install and uninstall the fifth wheel. 

Does Not Need a Sliding Hitch

Again, with a long bed, there is no need for a sliding hitch for your fifth wheel. These hitches tend to be more expensive, take up more space, and weigh more. A long bed creates a separation between the back of the wheel and the front cap of the fifth wheel. This way, you will not damage your back windows or the sides of your truck. 


More Expensive 

When it comes to truck prices, the long beds are always on the expensive side. They cost more than the short-bed counterparts, making it difficult for someone on a budget. 

Less Easy to Maneuver for Daily Driving Needs

Driving a long bed may require some adjustment since they require more space and intentionality when maneuvering. It becomes difficult to park and to maneuver in tight spaces. 

Pros and Cons of Short Bed


Easier to Maneuver

Thanks to their compact sizes, short beds are easier to maneuver. You can easily fit in tight spaces and parking becomes a breeze. 


Price is a major determinant when purchasing trucks. Short beds are cheaper than long bed while still offering plenty of great features and luxuries. 

Ideal for Families

Short beds offer ample room in the cab and bed making it a great choice for families. So whether you want to go to the lake or a campground, the short-bed truck makes a great companion. 


Less Towing Capacity

With the short bed, the truck comes less towing capacity and payload capability. This truck is not recommended for towing larger loads. 

You Will Need a Sliding Hitch for Your Fifth Wheel

If you intend to tow a fifth wheel, you will be forced to invest in a quality sliding hitch. The distance between the truck cab and the front cab is usually very small and without close attention, you could easily damage your back window. 


Compact vehicles are great as they offer easy maneuvering when you want to access tight parking spots or when driving through narrow roads. Moreover, they often deliver a better fuel economy—this also depends on your driving habits. On top of that, you get to enjoy more flexibility with a compact vehicle. They offer simple handling and driving becomes much easier.

Yes, the length of the bed significantly contributes to towing experience. While you can still be able to tow a travel trailer with a properly equipped short bed, a long bed offers more stability. Moreover, with a long bed, you get to enjoy a smoother ride. A longer wheelbase ensures a smoother towing experience. 

The short bed has a maximum payload capacity of 1440 pounds. It also has a towing capacity of 6800 pounds. 

The Toyota Tacoma bed sizes consist of three main categories—height, width, and length. The height and width remain the same at 41.5 inches and 19.1 inches respectively. For length, the 5ft bed has a length of 60.5 inches. 

The Toyota Tacoma model comes in two-bed options; the 5ft and 6ft bed. You can conveniently choose the bed size of your choice depending on your needs.  


Toyota Tacoma is an excellent truck choice. Overall, both bed dimensions offered by the Toyota Tacoma have something for everyone.

The 5ft offers a more compact option for drivers who are looking for the benefits of a truck’s performance in a smaller frame. The larger 6ft double cab provides plenty of space while still being compact to help you get the work done. 

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