How to Start a Nissan Juke With a Manual Key – A Definitive Guide

The majority of automobile owners no longer require manual keys to lock, unlock, or start their vehicles because most modern vehicles are equipped with key fobs or intelligent keys that are simple to use. Even yet, there are circumstances in which you might want the manual key.

With the push of a button on the key fob, owners of the Nissan Juke may easily lock and unlock their vehicle thanks to its remote keyless entry technology. The key fob, however, may occasionally malfunction, making it impossible for you to start or even enter your automobile. In this situation, you can use your car key to manually lock, unlock, or start your vehicle.

This article goes into detail on how to start a Nissan Juke with a manual key.

How to Start a Nissan Juke With a Manual Key in a Simple Way

how to start a Nissan Juke with a manual key

You can manually start your Nissan Juke by first locating the hidden key in your key fob by following the steps below:

  • The small latch button in the middle of your key fob can be found by turning it over.
  • The manual key will unlatch from the bottom of your key fob if you carefully slide the latch.
  • You can now use it to open the car’s driver-side door.

Once you’ve gained access to your car, you can now simply start it by following the instructions below:

  • Identify the location of the keyhole first; it is typically on the dashboard to the right of the steering wheel.
  • Insert your key in the keyhole.
  • Make sure your Nissan Juke is in neutral if it has a manual transmission and in “N” or “P” if it has an automatic transmission.
  • Turn the key a quarter turn clockwise until you feel you have passed the first notch to start the ignition..
  • Check to see if the orange lights on your dashboard turn off.
  • Gently turn the stop knob one more clockwise and maintain it until your Nissan Juke starts.
  • Your engine is now operational and functioning smoothly.

How Do You Start a Nissan Juke With the Key Card?

A key card is required to start some Nissan jukes. Here are some steps to follow when using a key card to start your juke:

  • If your juke has this feature, check the dashboard to see if you need to insert the card in a certain slot. Your juke’s year and series will determine this.
  •  If it has a slot, insert the card into it; otherwise, you can keep the card with you or somewhere else in the cabin..
  • Find the start button, which is typically situated on the center console if not at steering wheel height near the traditional keyhole location.
  • Verify that your automatic transmission is in neutral.
  • Press the start button once to turn the ignition on in your Nissan Juke.
  • If the orange light turns on or a few seconds have passed, press again.

How Do I Start a Nissan Juke Without a Key?

Sometimes you might have lost or misplaced your car keys, and your car is open, so you can simply start the engine by following some steps:

  • Carefully remove the cover covering your steering wheel, and then place the switch that links to your starter, battery, and engine amid the other two electrical switches.
  • Strip the wires, connect them together, and separate the battery and ignition wires. Take care to avoid electrocutions after connecting; electricity is now present.
  • Lastly, shorten the starter wire and swiftly connect it to the battery wire. Only 2 seconds of touch should be made in order to begin your juke; do not make a longer contact. The engine in your car will function properly.

How Do I Start My Nissan Juke With a Dead Key Fob?

In most cases, you may still use your dead key fob to start your car, but you must first unlock your door with the mechanical key that is typically found underneath the key fob in order to get inside. Open the driver’s door with the mechanical key.

Following the instructions below, start your vehicle with your key fob once you are inside.

For Nissan Juke models equipped with a key fob port,

  • As per usual, take the key fob and place it inside the key fob port.
  • After that, while pressing the start button, tap the clutch or brake pedal.

For Nissan Jukes without a key fob port,

  • Press the key fob against the start button while using the brake or clutch. Due to the fact that your key fob still has some battery power, your automobile will start automatically.

Can You Start Your Nissan With a Mechanical Key?

The mechanical key will enable you to open your car and let you get inside. Your key fob is not required to start your automobile because the ignition button is built to function even if the key fob breaks. Many automakers have even included a manual start option to the ignition button.


In case your batteries run out, almost all Nissan key fobs feature a mechanical car key concealed inside. You can get to the mechanical key by opening the bottom of the fob.

The Nissan doors can be conveniently locked and unlocked without the need for a key with the help of the intelligent key system. You can also use it to open the trunk of your car.

When you are carrying your car on your person, this technology enables you to lock and unlock your car by pushing the request switch on the door. Additionally, you may start the engine without having to put the key in or open and close your trunk.

Your keyless entry system’s malfunction could be caused by a problem with the antenna or wiring, software bugs, a malfunctioning circuit board, or a broken start button.

Final Thoughts

You could occasionally find yourself needing to utilize a manual key for your Nissan Juke. This can be accomplished by finding your manual key using a secret key latch on your key fob and utilizing it to unlock the door and start the engine.

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